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Guest Column

"Trick or Treat?"
By Patrick J. Fornari
Oct 30, 2015 - 12:03:05 AM

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Recently, Republicans that simply wanted answers to questions about what happened the night of the Benghazi attack were said to be on a "witch-hunt." Apparently they found their witch but after eleven hours of a thorough burning at the stake they did not elicit the desired confession of consorting with the devil.

The Benghazi committee should have asked former Secretary of State Clinton only one question. "Since the events, revelations and controversy before and after the events of September 11, 2012 regarding Benghazi Libya is there anything you may want to apologize for or wish to truthfully clarify?" After Hillary's response they should have brought in a large hourglass that takes 13 hours to drain its sand. Then everyone needed to sit in silence as the sand fell for thirteen hours, the approximate length of the Benghazi event, while contemplating another question. Was 13 hours a sufficient amount of time for the U.S. government to respond properly to the Benghazi attack? Each grain of sand would have of course provided a deafening answer to that question. Not only did the Republicans not force a confession, Hillary didn't even smell like smoke after her grilling.

Half of the committee was of course made up of "The National Coven for the Defense of American Witches and Warlocks Coalition;" commonly known as the "Democrat Party." So the heat was turned up only about half of time during Hillary's testimony.

America is at a political crossroad as we also approach a technological boom I refer to as "The Drone economy." I believe we are on the verge of a future that will make many of our current contentious political arguments irrelevant. Healthcare will eventually become ubiquitous and relatively inexpensive over the next three decades if scientific advancements are allowed to flourish in the competitive environment of capitalism. Energy and environmental concerns will be bridged by natural gas in concert with a reduction in the use of oil until we reach a future hydrogen based economy. Without a significant technological breakthrough spawned by the free market rather than forced government subsidies which inevitably lead to taxpayer funded financial disaster, solar panels and wind turbines will elicit to the same nostalgic sentiment as the thought of a covered wagon does now.

You can't stop progress but some if elected certainly can marginalize it. This is why your choice as an average working person is so important. Many average American's feel their voice regarding the political process has been silenced. However, to be heard you must speak or in this case, vote. Which path will America choose as it approaches its historic crossroad? The blood-soaked dirt path that will lead us back into the "Old World's" ancient and brutal legacy in a time before America's founding or will we continue to move forward on the "New World's" Freedom Highway that connects us as a people? Will we attempt to wring every tax dollar and productive idea dry in the name of the collective that ironically seeks rule by the minority? Or will we let individuals prosper ensuring our ability to help the helpless and to sanely fund the so-called entitlements sacred to the Democrat coven? Will we assist the producers of wealth or demonize them out of existence leaving no makers to support the takers? The upcoming presidential election is such a choice. Bill Clinton benefited from a tech bubble and a republican congress that forced his hand toward conservative policies which he was politically astute enough to take credit for. When President Bill Clinton declared that the "Era of big government is over" I doubt he was able to recall a burning desire to utter such a phrase unless it promised him political capital. I do not have such faith in Hillary's political pragmatism.

The election of Hillary Clinton to the Whitehouse will cause Americans to be waiting in line for toilet paper 20 years from now.

Conversely the election of a president, who controls spending, lowers taxes and removes government roadblocks will make the most of an era of prosperity. The derailing of America's constitutional journey by the Progressive movement which has resulted in what I refer to as our "Constitutional Half-Life" must end. America has not yet realized its full potential. I am convinced the roadmap to recovery and future success is our constitution. Will we leave our future to a roll of the Socialist dice? Or will we return to the tried and true practices of our past that will lead directly to a prosperous and secure future? America is not perfect, nor will it ever be, but relying on directionless self-serving liars in our elite class made up of politicians and media propagandist is not the recipe for success. The armor-like Teflon that has allowed career politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton to lie, cheat and steal from the American people and the world for decades must be discarded. Speak up by voting for a president that will follow the rule of law and our constitution.

America is not a static entity that can be divided into even slices of a mythical socialist pie served up as bites of social justice and erosive political correctness. We cannot have generational or demographic economic prosperity for all across the board at all times. Sacrificial generations exist to provide greater opportunity for the next. One generation digs ditches; the next builds a house, the next a factory. Any demographic group that does not sacrifice for its following generation is driven to the State for assistance. Generational assistance leads to a culture of dependency that looks to government as a means to survival.

We are on the verge of a big decision America; will it be the mythical magic of the ancient past or the clear eyed embrace of our bountiful untapped future?

In other words, will we choose a - Trick or Treat?

Patrick J. Fornari
Author of "Commoner Sense: The Working Person's Guide to America"

Fantasy or Reality?
by Patrick J Fornari
Oct 21, 2015

America is designed specifically to save us not only from ourselves, but also from the power hungry maniacs that have ruled over the earth and its people for eons in a tyrannical orgy characterized by death, destruction and oppression. The misnomer of "Progressivism" represents "The Old World." The election of Barrack Obama signaled the culmination of the hundred years plus effort by the Progressive movement to incrementally push America into a European brand of Socialism. We are quickly adopting the unmistakable political and cultural characteristics that can define us as such a nation. We may be able keep up the appearance of a representative constitutional republic but it is Kabuki Theater, a show, a dance, a fantasy. Progressivism is in reality regressive in nature, a throwback to history's brutal past that is littered with the bones of the victims who lived under monarchs, dictators, emperors and every other type of despotic ruler known to humankind. Progressivism is not progress. It is regress, or if you prefer, Regressivism.

A Call to Revolution
by Patrick J. Fornari
Sept 13, 2015

If revolutions are not fought in the Mideast now they will be fought in Europe and America in the near future. America has shaped a unique existence through luck, sacrifice, diplomacy and yes, "revolution." America is the exception to millennia of tyrannical governance and the absence of freedom and individual rights. It is referred to as "American Exceptionalism." Our current administration has accelerated the advancement of Islamic tyranny. The Mideast in many places is a black market weapons bazaar. If disenfranchised populations longing to be free wish to arm themselves they probably can. If not, I'm sure that a simple assurance by sincere freedom fighters who vow to take a step out of the seventh century toward modernity and the adoption of a constitution and bill of rights identical to Americas' own would garner enough attention from America or other western nations to seriously consider arming them.

Other Article Published at Magic City:

Patrick J. Fornari was born and raised in Indiana, and spent the first half of his three plus decade construction career working in the Midwest and Western United States, including Illinois, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, California and Arizona. For the second half of his career, he worked construction on several Caribbean islands, giving him a unique perspective on his home country. Fornari currently lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

"Commoner Sense"
By Patrick J. Fornari
iUniverse Press
Published 3/7/2014
ISBN: 978-1-4917-2273-2
156 pages
Softcover $16
E-book $4

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