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Guest Column

The Smoke-screen of Words
By Peter Clay
Nov 16, 2014 - 12:15:35 AM

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Have you ever noticed how much talk there is? Everyone is talking about something but no-one seems to be doing much but talk.

It reminds me of a story I read; a father asked his son to do some chores before he went out to town. Yes he said and went of into town without doing his chores.

The father then asked his younger son to do the same chores before he went into town and he said no I'm off into town to party so off he went.

On his way he stopped and returned and did the chores his father asked him to do.

The funny thing is the one who said yes didn't and the one who said no did.

You can say all the right things in the right places and still be the bad son and then you can be the good son by saying the wrong things at the wrong time but doing the right thing any way.

So if it is your actions that make you a good son not the positive words you speak. With this in mind, Is your best friend your friend, or do they just say what you want to hear.

Is the friend who is a pain 'Mr. No-fun' but keeps you out of harms way the real best friend? Are the words that are spoken to you just a smoke screen to stop you from seeing that the words are just that, words!

How many people in your life do what they say they will do and how many people don't keep their word?

The question that comes to mind is "Why do you listen to words alone when you should be watching their actions? After all, actions will always tell you what is important to someone and what isn't.

Take your local friendly politicians and remove their words and take note of their actions then you will know what they really stand for. The words they speak are designed to get you to vote for them not see what they are doing and who they are doing it for.

If we can remove the smoke screen of fine words that are blinding us from the actions of those who are in power and those who want to be in power, we may well get the government we want and deserve instead of a 'Tower of Babel' where no-one really knows what the other person actually means. The gift of the speech writer can help them speak for an hour and commit to nothing, but sound as if they are committing to everything.

Verbally, there is always a way out!

If only the words would stop and actions would stand up so we could see who people really are.

Peter Clay
Author of "
If Only I Knew"

Peter Clay
was born in Leeds and became a Christian in 1985 at his grandfather's funeral. He lives with his wife in Nottinghamshire and has three children and five grandchildren.

Peter has been involved in ministry in a variety of settings including coffee bars, church planting and pastoring. He and his wife have also worked with young homeless mothers and Peter has ministered in churches in the Bronx and Queens, in New York, and cities across the UK.

  • "Any Christian can mature, but it's a journey that never ends. We're all continuing the process and learning more about our place in God's grand design along the way. It's in my nature to minister and share God's word, so this book is a natural stepping stone in my own spiritual journey."

"If Only I Knew"
By Peter Clay

Gilead Books
Published Sept 2013
ISBN-10: 0956856039
ISBN-13: 978-0956856036
Paperback: 94 pages

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