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Guest Column

The Other Immigrants
By Tim Siggia
Apr 28, 2013 - 5:20:11 AM

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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." -- Ronald Reagan

Much attention has been given of late to so-called "illegal immigrants." Let us get our terminology straight here. There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. The people who currently wear this label are not immigrants, but trespassers trying to claim so-called squatter's rights. Read the Constitution. Nowhere in this founding document is there any mention of any God-given right to trespass on another's property -- and the United States of America is the property of its legitimate citizens.

Immigrants -- and our ancestors, unless they were Native Americans, all were -- are those who come to our shores in compliance with our immigration laws. They do not sneak over a border at midnight, and neither are they smuggled in. They come, each with his or her own set of unique gifts to offer in the New World. They come, for the most part, with one overriding objective in mind: to become American citizens.

There is, however, another set of immigrants who have come to our shores with one unique characteristic that sets them apart not only from those born here in America, but from the immigrants who preceded them. These are the people who know from first-hand experience what it is to have to live under the rule of communism. They are the ones who risked everything they had in order to escape this oppressive system and obtain what for them would be a totally new experience: freedom.

One can imagine, then, how uneasy it must be for these people to hear the President of the United States use phrases like "social justice," "for the greater good," "spread the wealth around," "pay your fair share," and "shared sacrifice." They have heard these phrases before. They know exactly what those words mean. They recognize the code words for communism, the very system which they left their homelands to get away from -- and now, by all appearances, the powers-that-be in America seem to be bent on imposing that very system in the country long touted as the Land of the Free.

But perhaps what is even more disturbing is the reaction they see to such overtures in their new adopted countrymen. As Barack Obama systematically grabs power for himself and tramples on the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments to our Constitution -- a document with which naturalized citizens, sadly, are far more familiar than the vast majority of their native-born counterparts -- there appears to be only two general reactions. There are those who cheer him on, the most visible of whom can be found in the "mainstream" news media and the entertainment industry, and those who simply shrug and say, each in his own way, "So what?" It is only a small minority of Americans who seem to be recognizing the danger and raising their voices in protest. This must be the most disconcerting phenomenon of all to those who risked all they had to come here: to see those who up to now had never been without their freedom, and have come to take it for granted, going blissfully about their daily business, either unknowing or uncaring that their precious birthright of freedom is slipping away before their very eyes in the name of "progressivism."

The danger should have been seen last year, when the American people could still stop it. Barack Obama had been elected President of the United States in 2008 by an electorate for the most part ignorant of his background, that he was an Alinsky-trained radical of the first order, that his past and present associations had been almost without exception far-left radicals clearly outside the American mainstream. All this became generally known by 2012, yet Team Obama, actively aided by a coalition of partisan news media, radical entertainers, and ultra-rich contributors like George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates, who somehow escaped the leftist epithet of "one-percenters," succeeded in casting Obama's Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, into the role of Emmanuel Goldstein -- to the unmitigated joy of people like MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews, whom Lenin, in his day, would have termed "useful idiots."

The election of 2012 has since been eclipsed by other events, most notably, the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the attack upon the American consulate at Benghazi, Libya, and the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon, the latter two of which tend to raise serious doubts about Obama's leadership and the preparedness of our Departments of State and Homeland Security, under the inept leadership of Hillary Clinton (then) and Janet Napolitano, respectively. For Obama, however, these events may yet serve as useful diversions of attention from what many consider to be his true objective: to end our 200-plus era of freedom and place the United States of America under the rule of communism.

To the best of anyone's knowledge, Barack Obama is not and never has been a member of the Communist Party of the United States of America -- and with good reason. Had he been a Party member, he never would have made it to the Illinois State Senate, let alone the White House. He was wise enough to realize that far more Communist agenda could be realized from without the Communist Party than from within it. As Lenin had used Karl Marx as his architect, so Obama uses Saul Alinsky, hoping to move the United States over to communism by subterfuge rather than by violent revolution, as Lenin did in Russia. It must be noted, however, that the end objective, in each case, is exactly the same -- and it is most scary indeed that in 2013 too many American citizens would seem to prefer being politcally fashionable to being free.

Tim Siggia

Full List of Tim Siggia Articles found at Writers Journal Kingscalendar

Tim Siggia from Hartford Connecticut, attended Central Connecticut State College (now Central Connecticut State University) from 1963-67 and then joined the United States Navy. In 1973 he completed a bachelor or arts degree in English at the University of Maine at Portland-Gorham. In 1991 he retired from the Navy at the grade of Chief Journalist after which he joined the United States Postal Service, from which he is due to retire in 2012. He now lives in East Hartford Connecticut with his wife Penny. They have three sons and six grandchildren

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