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Guest Column
Science Fiction has become Reality
By Dr. David Altman
Oct 21, 2015 - 6:15:04 AM

Currently, humanity is fascinated by the new discoveries of NASA regarding water sources on Mars and the possibility of discovering new life forms on other planets. Indeed, the human mind is naturally attracted to discoveries of new and mysterious worlds, which often feel like that are taken from science fiction novels. Reality has always appeared more dull and predictable than science fiction. No longer.

The current reality of the 21st century presents us with a world which is changing at a rapid pace and appears to be imitating science fiction. Superpowers are born and fall quickly, political ideologies rise and fall. The political reality which was created following World War II is barely recognizable.

Most of these developments are unfortunately negative, and offer no positive hope to humanity. Ecological disasters are felt every day. Demography is changing the face of various regions. All forms of government that dominated the 20th century do not provide us with personal security. Indeed, the global leadership is weak.

The most important capitals in the world, which were previously thought to be unshakable - places like New York, London, Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo no longer provide its residents with a promise of culture, economics, and security. There are great doubts about the stability of the global system.

After a period of relative quiet at the end of the 20th century, we have experienced an awakening of radical forces which threaten our way of life at the present and future, around the world. Phenomenon which we thought were no longer part of the modern world – such as slavery, piracy, imperialism, religious revolutions, and genocide – have returned to the global agenda.

When examining the great continent of Europe, we see a new challenge. Every state in Europe has experienced massive migration from areas of conflict, mostly from Muslim states. For many years, this migration was viewed as an attempt to flee failed societies and thus to integrate in modern societies in Europe. However, the second generation of such migrants as well as those from war torn states are not interested in integration but only in imposing their culture on their host states. Today, we see a trend not of assimilation, but of forcefully changing the democratic basis of societies. Waves of migration, such as the current one from Syria, do not signify disengagement from radical societies from which they come, but instead a desire to spread radical ideologies and cultures to Western societies. Many of these migrants want to change the DNA of the free world and transform it into the world from which they came.

This annexation is based on an attempt of the Islamic Culture to control the Western democracies by creating a new culture, through partnerships with radical European forces who wish to destroy liberal democracy as we know it.

The common denominators of various European organizations with radical Islam is a joint attempt to destroy the basic frameworks of society as we cherish it.

We must be aware of what this new period will bring us and how we can work to stop it. Unfortunately, there is a lack of global awareness of these changes and the dangers that are upon us. The global leadership appears to be closing its eyes to these dangers that are concrete and real and threaten society. They seem to believe that the current reality is a passing phase- nothing could be further from the truth.

I believe that authors and opinion-shapers have a duty to shed light and be a warning and awakening voice on a reality that is threatening the free world.

Dr. David Altman
Author of "Six Years Later"

Dr. David Altman is Senior Vice President at Netanya Academic College, Israel and Vice-Chair of its Strategic Dialogue Center. He is author of the book "Six Years Later", a work of "fiction" which describes the process of radical forces taking over Great Britain. Dr Altman is a regular contributor to the online English paper "Times of Israel" and various newspapers in Hebrew.

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