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Guest Column

"Rotten Pig?"
By Patrick J. Fornari
Jul 14, 2015 - 8:20:45 AM

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Sunday's Media Buzz show hosted by Howard Kurtz of the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank referred to Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump as a "Rotten Pig." I couldn't help but wonder if a Wall Street Journal columnist had referred to Hillary Clinton with the same venomous rhetoric if Mr. Kurtz would have remained silent, as was the case with Mr. Milbank. I doubt it. By now the WSJ columnist would be labeled as a misogynist "Hate Speech" spewing Right Wing extremist. The call to have the WSJ journalist fired would probably be coming from the oval office by now. In any case I'd like to see Mr. Milbank call Mr. Trump a "Rotten Pig" to his face.

Mr. Milbank and his equally offensive Daily Beast counterpart Betsy Woodruff openly admitted to Kurtz that Donald Trump sold newspapers and generated "clicks" for them on electronic and social media outlets. Both clearly understood after inquiry by Kurtz that they may be helping Mr. Trump to gain popularity by demeaning him in such strong terms. They didn't care; Donald Trump is making them money. They really didn't come off as fair, kind, all-inclusive caring Liberals that put "People ahead of Profits." They revealed themselves to be petty vindictive indoctrinated, greedy progressives.

Your proximity to Donald Trump may indeed make you money, because Mr. Trump is a "Maker." Hillary and Bill Clinton are "Takers" that live off the tax payer's dime and the ceaseless rape of their money laundering machine known as the "Clinton Global Initiative." They are no more than pair of desperados trying to outrun their past. They are unemployable outside of politics. If they could not exist in the world they have created for themselves I have no doubt they would be being chased through various states right now by law enforcement. Clyde, sorry I meant, Bill, is the master mind of the criminal "Clinton Foundation" organization. Hillary is just along for a ride that she hopes will secure her the presidency of the United States. It will be Hillary's ultimate revenge against all of mankind for silently suffering and at times supporting a lying cheating husband in the public eye for most of her adult life. We all must pay, and pay we will.

The world's public tribute to "Queen Hillary" will assume forms other than financial. The world will pay; America will pay in the same Leftist manner in which Obama has already made us pay, just more so. Unfortunately, America and the world might run out of money, love, tolerance and blood by the end of an imperial Hillary presidency. Ultimately, the knife will be in America's back, our collective punitive moment will be upon us, serving to satisfy Hillarys' frustration and jealously of not being truly equal to Bill in the art of lying and the skillful manipulation of the masses.

Donald Trump does not need anyone to defend him. I am not supporting him or any other candidate at this time. However, I have a feeling that we may all owe Mr. Trump a debt of gratitude in the near future. He has done what Mitt Romney clumsily attempted to do. He has woken up the "Silent Majority" or if you prefer, "The Sleeping Majority." Mr. Trump's proposal to build a wall at our southern border is something real, tangible, a potential result of action. The benefits of the long talked about sealed controllable border are numerous. First, it would allow America to establish an effective legal migrant worker program that would create better working conditions and higher wages for those workers. Second, it would force the price of illegal drugs upward which may encourage some users to abandon their use. Third, by eliminating the source of drugs to large cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York by Mexican cartels many "Black Lives that Matter" may be saved. Clearly the Democrat Party is willing to climb over endless piles of black bodies to secure future brown votes. I have heard talking head and politician alike discriminating between whether women are being raped and killed on the Mexican side of the border or the American side. Ridiculous, because fourth, a porous border invites the drug trade, human smuggling, kidnapping and murder on both sides of the border. It needs to be sealed in order to cut off payments to corrupt local Mexican police, border guards, federal agents and politicians. Then maybe hordes of women wouldn't be driven towards the border where they are more likely to be raped.

Hillary and Bill Clinton promote an ideology that supports the demonization of Conservative makers that provide the fodder for America's pig trough in the form of taxes paid. They expect their supporters to live off of this slop daily. All the while Bill and Hillary suckle at the the teat of the pig itself, cutting out pesky middlemen that may have inquires about taxes, payments or a missing ten or twenty million dollars here or there. They are much more deserving of the moniker "Rotten Pig" than Donald Trump will ever be.

Evidently in today's America it seems that you must have nine billion dollars just to speak the truth. Trump is speaking to and for the average working person by going around the media, the Democrats, the establishment Republicans and the constitutional conservative Tea Party types. He is speaking to you and me. The DC inside the beltway media and so-called expert political pundits may not understand him, but we do. This may be the first "We the People" election in many years. I really don't care what anybody says anymore anyhow, except of course "We the People." Wasn't that the idea? The idea of America?

With any luck we will soon be hearing Mr. Trump uttering his famous tag line in regards to the "Rotten Pig" insult.

Dana Milbank. "You're Fired!"

Patrick J. Fornari
Author of "Commoner Sense"

What's my motivation here?
By Patrick J Fornari
Jun 12, 2015

Will we stand or fall? Honor, patriotism, honesty, integrity and responsibility are just a few of the disciplines no longer taught at our institutions of higher learning. Is it any wonder why our military almost unilaterally has taken on the responsibility of defending our country? Values are still taught in military organizations, but not in the majority of our colleges and universities....As I walk through this world I often encounter electronically obsessed Americans that look up at me briefly from their electronic device in order to avoid the possibility of me knocking them over. I admittedly hold little regard for their safespace if they refuse to pay attention to their surroundings. Their deer in the headlight facial expressions sometimes make me feel as if they are about to utter aloud what a Stanislavski trained actor might say as they look up from their screenplay or movie script.

When Baltimore Burns -- Again
By Patrick J Fornari
May 14, 2015

Baltimore is where many US. Cities are heading, they are a chain of Democrat governed "Banana Republics" strewn across the country with the potential to be burning at any moment fueled by an unending volatile river of progressive lies. One and all of its city leaders brainwashed just as severely as the current high priest of Liberalism, Barrack Obama. Obama dreams of being able to run America unencumbered by our pesky US Constitution just as the majority of the world's banana republic dictators do. It's who he is, it's who he emulates.

Other Article Published at Magic City:

Patrick J. Fornari was born and raised in Indiana, and spent the first half of his three plus decade construction career working in the Midwest and Western United States, including Illinois, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, California and Arizona. For the second half of his career, he worked construction on several Caribbean islands, giving him a unique perspective on his home country. Fornari currently lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

"Commoner Sense"
By Patrick J. Fornari
iUniverse Press
Published 3/7/2014
ISBN: 978-1-4917-2273-2
156 pages
Softcover $16
E-book $4

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