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Pure of Heart
By Patrick J. Fornari
Jul 19, 2015 - 6:45:14 AM

Conservatives are so frustrated with the Republican Party and our government in general I wonder if anyone from the collection of quality Republican presidential candidates can actually win. The prospect of a Republican President, Senate and House of Representatives is for most Republicans and conservatives a welcome scenario, especially in regard to legislation and the appointment of a new Supreme Court judge or two.

Why then would any voter who does not align themselves with president Obama, Hillary Clinton or the Leftist fueled Progressive movement withhold their vote from the Republicans?

The reluctance to vote GOP is rooted in the perception that the Republican Party is not sufficiently conservative or libertarian. I agree; the Republican Party is a mere shadow of its ideological lineage. This harsh reality emerged with the ascension of the Tea Party in 2010. The rejection of the newly elected Tea Party types to congress by establishment Republicans is in my opinion the greatest political mistake of the last half century. This historic political snub defined and diminished the image of establishment Republicans whose campaigns and re-election benefited from the momentum of the Tea Party candidates. The failure of the establishment to embrace promising Republican political momentum revealed their self-serving aspirations taking precedent over GOP and national interest. The concept of "We the People" seemed to be furthest from the duplicitous political minds of our elected officials. We now have government of the government, by the government, for the government. I clearly understand the reluctance to vote Republican, even if you are a republican.

However, the real world dictates a few undeniable truths. For example, these are the candidates we have; we will employ our traditional election process, and of course the most distasteful fact of all, a potential Hillary Clinton presidency. I would like to appeal directly to the often self-described ideologically pure of heart republicans, libertarians or independents that express their disdain for less than perfect Republican contenders. First, I agree with you, your opinions are valid, your scorn justified. As a matter of fact I don't only wish to be a member but, the president of your club. How glorious it would be; and there lies the problem. Your persistent rejection of the Republican Party only serves to glorify you. It is grounded in vanity rather than practical value. All thinking people are aware that the Republican Party brand is damaged. Though I fully understand your reasoning I also fully reject it. The Republican Party will never be the "Tea Party" or "The Constitutional Conservative Party" - without voting.

Our "Holier than Thou" brethren often ask me if I am asking them "to vote for the lesser of two evils." My answer is "Yes, yes I am." I'd rather have Mitt Romney as president right now. A non-vote for the next Republican nominee is a plus vote for Hillary. I appreciate the non-voter's principled position and I submit that our goal is identical in that I support the disillusion and replacement of the GOP wholly.

However, successive Leftist progressive administrations will not yield a better America or initiate the replacement of the Republican Party. Your non-vote works at cross purpose to our common goal. Will you really be satisfied to cast your non-vote from your couch as you watch Hillary Clinton sworn in on TV as president? Evidently the highly principled non-voter does not understand the fundamental formula of winning that the republican electorate advocates. It goes like this. The candidate with the most votes wins. Winning leads to political power, political power leads to change. Where do you think Obamacare came from? The non-voters' curious disposition prompts a question that to me is unanswerable outside of motivation grounded in self ingratiation and ego. "Why are you so emphatically informing me as to what you won't do?" "Why are you wasting anyone's time espousing a philosophy of inaction?" Whether your intent is in support of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats or not, that is the result the real world will produce. Your refusal to participate in reality, affects reality. I would rather you didn't speak, Tweet, email, blog or express your opinion in any form or fashion. Spare the willing participants of the political process your angst. Leave the voter to his or her responsibility since you are not willing to bear that responsibility yourself. You are not contributing to the cause of freedom. You are effectively acting as a Democrat Party activist. You may not be required to vote for the Republican nominee, but I certainly require that you vote against liberal progressive democrats if you seek my consideration. Please do not make dedicated voters the target of your right to exercise freedom of speech.

So, I ask individual purest.

Is non-voting the expression of the patriotism you so enthusiastically declare? Will your legacy be the story of how you did not participate in the election of 2016 and the castigation of committed voters with your principled pledges of inaction? What if our founders had abandoned their pledge to stand against Britain? Often you claim to be a patriot willing to take up arms against our current government, yet somehow you are unwilling to stand up to Hillary Clinton? The luxury of purity has passed.

The goal from now on, as unsavory as it may be to some, is to win.

My final appeal to the urbane non-voting class is an unvarnished petition of mercy on behalf the unwashed masses you so casually dismiss as less than pure. If you won't vote your own self-interest at least vote against the Democrats for the benefit of America. Exercise your hard fought for and won Right to Vote, for We the People of America. Your non-vote is essentially a vote for We the Government.

Please see what is happening right in front of you.

Don't be so "Pure of Heart" that you are "Blind of Eye."

Patrick J. Fornari
Author of "Commoner Sense"

"Rotten Pig?"
by Patrick J. Fornari
Jul 14, 2015

Evidently in today's America it seems that you must have nine billion dollars just to speak the truth. Trump is speaking to and for the average working person by going around the media, the Democrats, the establishment Republicans and the constitutional conservative Tea Party types. He is speaking to you and me. The DC inside the beltway media and so-called expert political pundits may not understand him, but we do. This may be the first "We the People" election in many years. I really don't care what anybody says anymore anyhow, except of course "We the People." Wasn't that the idea? The idea of America?

What's my motivation here?
By Patrick J Fornari
Jun 12, 2015

Will we stand or fall? Honor, patriotism, honesty, integrity and responsibility are just a few of the disciplines no longer taught at our institutions of higher learning. Is it any wonder why our military almost unilaterally has taken on the responsibility of defending our country? Values are still taught in military organizations, but not in the majority of our colleges and universities....As I walk through this world I often encounter electronically obsessed Americans that look up at me briefly from their electronic device in order to avoid the possibility of me knocking them over. I admittedly hold little regard for their safespace if they refuse to pay attention to their surroundings. Their deer in the headlight facial expressions sometimes make me feel as if they are about to utter aloud what a Stanislavski trained actor might say as they look up from their screenplay or movie script.

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Patrick J. Fornari was born and raised in Indiana, and spent the first half of his three plus decade construction career working in the Midwest and Western United States, including Illinois, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, California and Arizona. For the second half of his career, he worked construction on several Caribbean islands, giving him a unique perspective on his home country. Fornari currently lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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