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Guest Column

Political Correctness and The Death of Honesty
By Ray Martini
Oct 5, 2014 - 12:20:41 AM

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Thank God for Political Correctness.

I mean where would we be without having to dissect every word, phrase and sentence to death to be sure we don't OFFEND anyone?

Just think about this from an historical perspective before we knew any better.

Think about the American Revolutionary Trouble-makers and how Politically Incorrect they were with that whole Boston Tea Party Thing. What where they thinking? They actually dressed up as Indians to do the deed. How insensitive of them. How demeaning to Indians. Next thing you know there is an NFL team named the Redskins.

See how that can get out of hand so quickly?

Then they had the audacity to declare their independence from the most powerful nation on earth. They actually put it in writing and signed their real names, then sent it to King George III. What did that poor tyrant ever do to deserve something like that? Oh the shame, the humanity!

But thankfully, in the last few centuries, we have become much smarter and more sophisticated. For example, we now know that only white people can be racist. We now know that if you criticize President Obama, it must be because you don't like black people.

We have learned that only Liberals want peace and prosperity and Conservatives are only interested in profits, making poor people even poorer and, of course, world domination.

And, finally, Thank the Lord, the FCC is taking steps to change that dreadful name from the Washington Redskins to the "Washington (Too Weak to Stand Up Against Stupidity) Football Team" There, doesn't that sound a lot better?

Had enough? Yea, me too.

The question is when is Common Sense going to rise above all this nonsense and take the lead back from Political Correctness? Well, for one thing, having a President and a Congress with some common sense would be a good start, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon.

Besides, I think it's up to the average citizen to take the lead, if it's going to happen at all.

Politicians and the Media can only get away with what we allow.

That's a fact.

Both Politicians and the Media will do whatever they can to help themselves, period. And with all the practice they have had, they do it very well. They must be tickled to death to know that they can lead us around by the nose whenever they want and into whatever belief they want.

For the record, I am not politicking for either party. They both have more than their fair share of loons. In fact, it really ticks me off to know that the minimum salary for a Congressman or Senator is $174,000. That's the minimum. Then as they promote themselves to various titles up the food chain, their money increases substantially. You can also add in their benefits and retirement package.

And just look at what we get for our money. Gridlock, finger-pointing and party loyalty.

Now look at what we don't get.....Service to the American Taxpayer.

Over the past few years, I have contacted my local Congressman twice and asked for a face-to-face meeting at his local office. Mind you we are encouraged to do this on their web site. Both times I received a very nice polite return E-mail assuring me that a meeting would be arranged as soon as the Congressman's schedule allowed.

Apparently he is busier than I thought, because I'm still waiting.

This disease called Political Correctness has infected not only Washington, but our schools as well. One six year old kid pointed his finger like a gun at another kid and actually got thrown out of school. Another small boy kissed a girl on the cheek and may very well be branded as a Sex Offender.

We can no longer say "Merry Christmas" or call it a "Christmas Tree."

In Texas, the court ruled that American Kids can NOT wear a shirt depicting the American Flag on a Mexican Holiday because the Mexican Kids might be offended.


Ray Martini

  • Ray Martini has a BS in Construction Management and is a former U.S. Marine. He has written another book called "The Death of Leadership". He has been married 44 years and has one son.

"I could Just Scream"
by Ray Martini
Published 7/8/2014
52 Pages
Softcover $13

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