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"Debate or Roast?"
By Patrick J. Fornari
Aug 10, 2015 - 12:48:15 AM

I love the Fox News Channel. Since its earliest broadcast it has appealed to my sense of truth and fairness. Unfortunately they have joined the mainstream media in their bias and manipulation of political dispatch. In addition, I can make it through my day without relationship advice from Taylor Swift. It's called the "Fox News Channel." Correct? My hope is that FNC returns to its original charter as an unbiased news agency.

The anticipated record breaking ratings for a Republican primary debate largely generated by the presence of Donald Trump seemed to exacerbate an atmosphere of that of a roast rather than a debate on the part of the moderators. The questioning in some instances pertaining to Trump was not intellectual or fair. Trump's participation allowed lesser known republican candidates to introduce their message to a very large audience. Politics is momentum and as with the establishment Republicans rejection of the Tea Party in 2010 their rejection of Trump will cost Republicans millions of votes. I was watching Fox when Megyn Kelly breathlessly asked Fox News viewers to hang on over a commercial break for "breaking news" regarding Donald Trump. She came back with a nearly thirty year old allusion to rape from completely vetted publicly disclosed divorce court records involving Trump. Then Kelly proceeded to report the story as if Donald Trump had just got caught raping someone in a New York alley. It was the absolute worst reporting I have ever seen on Fox in the entirety of its existence. I wonder if Kelly will pursue the more recent actual physical abuse and rape incidents concerning Bill Clinton with the same "hot off the presses" urgency. Kelly only briefly mentioned in a follow up report that Trump's ex-wife completely recanted all insinuation publicly. Donald Trump is a big boy; Megyn Kelly is a big girl. The politically correct infantile reaction to Trump's comments do little to change the disastrous course America finds itself on. America's political history is peppered with larger than life American personalities who have stepped into the void created by our political parties when they exhibit an abysmal lack of substantive leadership as is currently on display. In this regard Donald Trump is nothing new, it's America's overly sensitive politically correct reaction to him that is new. Donald Trump is offering a third party type of alternative to our failing Democrat and Republican parties.

I've spent nearly forty years on construction sites; Trump hasn't come close to offending my sense of decency. When did all politicians become holier than thou and Donald Trump? Our founders hurled the most inflammatory indecent rhetoric at each other you can possibly imagine, the goal during their time was to win the election. Civility and apologies followed the contest. Reconciliation after a "blood bath" reveals a certain type of unique nobility few adhere to today. However, it was a critical part of our founder's comprehensive syllabus which imparted itself profoundly to honor and character before, during and after battle in all circumstance of life. The battle was tolerated and understood by all, the aftermath is what defined an individual's true character. It wasn't how you played the game it was how well you conducted yourself after the war as a winner or a loser because "all was fair in love and war."

Donald Trump is out to win. He has awakened the millions of voters which make up a sleeping majority that did not show up for previous Republican candidates. With those votes secure, Trump will more than likely moderate his temperament which will then garner him additional traditional republican votes. We are in a state of emergency; this is not the time to gravitate toward the "Unfair and Unbalanced" paradigm of the progressive movements' propaganda that dominates world media. Donald Trump is offering vision, action and hard work as solution to America's problems just as my politically incorrect co-workers do. I have never seen a building built by "talking about it." It requires action, hard work, an enormous amount of brains and ceaseless swearing which becomes quite natural at the business end of a ninety pound jack-hammer after a sixty hour week. Many may not wish their politicians to embrace such a low brow "jobsite" demeanor but I have been shown over a lifetime that the collective genius of America's average working people outstrip the restrained Ivy League idiots intellect presented as America's brain trust by a thousand to one. America is made up of Americans not politicians. America has to be restored, but even as dire as our situation appears to many Americans our, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bills Of Rights afford us the luxury of quality problems compared to much of the rest of the world. America needs to ditch the political correctness, toughen up and continue to build the wonderful construction project known as "The United States of America."

What should offend every American man and woman's sense of decency is the performance of the Democrat and Republican Parties over the last thirty years and our current anti-American regime packed with chronic liars and Leftist saboteurs who have facilitated the flow of blood here and abroad with feckless progressive policy in both arenas. I fail to see how manufactured outrage over the misspoken, misinterpreted, imagined words or implied intentions of Donald Trump serve the valid points he is making. Our system is corrupt; our politicians stupid or at the least ineffective and America's economy is in grave danger of realizing nationally the abject failure which cities and regions run by Democrats have endured for decades.

The only blood of women that the American media should be obsessed with is the blood of decapitated women spilled in Mexico, Africa, the Mideast as well as other regions of the world because of slavery, drug trafficking and religion.


Patrick J. Fornari
Author of "Commoner Sense"

America at Half-Staff
By Patrick J. Fornari
Aug 3, 2015

My assertion that we are a memorial culture is bolstered by the events of September 11th 2001, the presidents' clumsy evocation of the Crusades in an early 2015 speech and his 2009 "Cairo speech" in which our ideologically driven president completely misrepresented the concept of "American Exceptionalism." 911 should be memorialized in the most heartfelt way possible but the Crusades should be reserved for history class and should not be encouraged to be internalized with contemporized relevance and solemnity. The Cairo speech is exemplary of demagoguery and emotional manipulation at its worst.

President Trump?
by Patrick J. Fornari
Jul 29, 2015

Politicians spend most of their time fund raising which traps them politically and minimizes their time working for, or listening to "We the People." Not Trump, he's not asking for political favors or money. Trump spends his time campaigning and answering questions. The establishment Republican candidates and elite class of political pundits that surround those candidates are indeed well educated, but "The Donald" holds the Trump Card because Donald Trump is actually -- Smart. He uses plain language to focus on a few core issues which the average voter is truly concerned with. I don't know if Mr. Trump will win this fight but I do know he has filled the arena. If there is one thing Donald Trump's substantial ego will not allow it is history or the American people remembering him as anything less than a great president.

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Patrick J. Fornari was born and raised in Indiana, and spent the first half of his three plus decade construction career working in the Midwest and Western United States, including Illinois, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, California and Arizona. For the second half of his career, he worked construction on several Caribbean islands, giving him a unique perspective on his home country. Fornari currently lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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