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Guest Column

"Beware the Ides of March"
By Patrick J. Fornari
Mar 17, 2015 - 5:25:01 AM

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Hillary Clinton's recent one woman show which debuted at the Theater of the Absurd, otherwise known as the UN, clearly portrays the Progressive Jihad being waged against America. I couldn't help but think, what does this mean for our Republic? As many know, I refer to the progressive movement as "Regressivism," which in my opinion, is an infinitely more accurate description of the movement and the Old World tenants religiously touted by its advocates. And so, I will again.

I have listened to politicians and pundits from both sides of the political aisle express their disdain for; "Hillary thinking she is above the law." From where I sit in the cheap seats, it appears she is. Not only is it more "convenient" for Hillary, but it is also more convenient for political and media elites. These high priest and priestess of the religion of Regressivism seem to be following their liberal doctrines faithfully. How is the chronic lying practiced by regressives any different than lying encouraged by Islamisist as a "means to an end" in pursuit of Jihad? By Jihad, I mean any current definition you choose. Don't be distracted by the never ending debate over the meaning of one word.

I hold no reverence for the "religion of peace" or for the "religion of liberalism" in that they both are antithetical to America's founding culturally and philosophically. Both Jihadist and regressive condone "any means to an end" as a legitimate religious and political tactic of influence. Ironically, liberal elite's who incessantly proclaim the "separation of church and state" as their mantra, simultaneously promote a type of American political theocracy underpinned by extreme political correctness, deception, and ceaseless indoctrination.

Hillary Clinton proudly defines herself as a "Modern American Progressive." This is akin to shouting from the rooftops, "I'm a liar and I want everyone to know it!" I don't feel that writing phrases such as "less than forthright" or "disingenuous at best" as substitutes for the word lying demonstrate tolerance or civility. Use of those phrases can only denote intentional ignorance on my part. Let's dismiss the happy talk and embrace the reality of our present situation. You must listen to your own gut, because I can scarcely think of a politician or pundit that has the average working Americans best interest at heart. Happy talk just won't cut it.

Many historians consider the Ides of March and the assassination of Julius Caesar as signifying the end of the Roman Republic and beginning of Roman Imperialism. Is Hillary's email press conference evidence of America's transition to imperial rule? Maybe, after all the Regressives continue to encourage the incremental abandonment of our unique republic and its ideals.

The passing of March 15th 2015 underscores the need for America to watch its back. I offer these words of warning to president Obama, and the American people: "Beware the Ides of March."

Or we may all end up saying, "Et tu, Hillary?"

Patrick J. Fornari
Author of "Commoner Sense"

America's "Big Bang"
by Patrick J. Fornari
Mar 11, 2015

Progressivism's self-declared mission is one of distancing America from the nature of its founding. Our founders did something that is as simple as it is brilliant. For the first time in history; they eliminated the middleman. An individual's rights were no longer granted or stolen by others claiming to be representatives of god or actual gods. Individuals would now enjoy a direct relationship with the guarantor of their rights through divine and organic provenance. "This is how unique America really is." However, our uniqueness, inalienable Rights and Constitution have not gone unchallenged. The Progressive movement and progressive intrusion into our Constitutional journey has been profound.

Patrick J. Fornari was born and raised in Indiana, and spent the first half of his three plus decade construction career working in the Midwest and Western United States, including Illinois, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, California and Arizona. For the second half of his career, he worked construction on several Caribbean islands, giving him a unique perspective on his home country. Fornari currently lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

"Commoner Sense"
By Patrick J. Fornari
iUniverse Press
Published 3/7/2014
ISBN: 978-1-4917-2273-2
156 pages
Softcover $16
E-book $4

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