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Guest Column

America's "Safe Space"
By Patrick J Fornari
Dec 14, 2015 - 8:35:31 AM

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Americans don't hate Muslims. Americans hate Islamic maniacs that devote their entire existence to the making the rest of the world's existence miserable. Does that make Americans Islamophobic? If it was a Christian based religious organization that was beheading children and killing hundreds of innocents while committing worldwide terrorist attacks the adherents of that religion would not wait for government to correct the problem. That seems to be a distinction regarding Islam that is never fully expressed or addressed. Where are all the moderates who practice the religion of peace? Personally I would rather give my life to stop the murderous abhorrent behavior of maniacs that may surface in my religion than be terrorized or murdered by them as an infidel. How exactly did the slaughter of 14 Americans, and harm caused to the injured in San Bernardino advance the religion of Islam? I ask this question in a rhetorical sense only. I don't care what the absurd twisted justification a potential answer might reveal. It's a waste of time to immerse oneself in the rationalization of insanity.

Is it normal for Americans to be concerned over random violence or Islamic terrorism? Yes; concern and anger toward terror or random violence is reasonable because of America's culturally and politically forced adherence to political correctness. Political correctness is representative of nothing less than an institutionalized sociopolitical death cult. It is the first step toward Fascism or Sharia Law. Political correctness is how it starts; its end is chronicled among the bones and dust of past cultures and civilizations scattered to the sands and winds of time. Let me offer a simple pertinent example to validate my claim. The Obama administration which is an actual sect illustrative of proactive political correctness halted the investigation surrounding the male American born shooter's Mosque and associates in San Bernardino because they did not want to appear to be profiling Muslims. The blood of the wounded and 14 slain Americans is on the hands of Barrack Obama and the politically correct sycophants he intentionally surrounds himself with. This of course is not the first time this claim has been leveled against the Obama regime; death is an inescapable symptom of political correctness.

San Bernardino is the latest terror event to be shamelessly exploited by progressive liberals as a means to challenge the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment stands strong unaided but is also supported by and correspondingly supports the other constitutional amendments in our "Bill of Rights." The 2nd amendment ensures the right to morally or if deemed necessary to physically defend the other amendments. I refer to this generous gift from our founders as our "kinetic option" against personal and national threats whether foreign or domestic.

Our Bill of Rights has origins as far back as the Magna Carta as well as later British and Colonial American era documents which supplied enlightened perspective concerning individual rights. The British understood the value of armed individuals for their own defense or defense against an oppressive government, but their right to possess firearms as we understand it in America was eventually eroded. So don't say "it can't happen in America." That phrase has proved to be meaningless over recent years. How do we protect our 2nd amendment right? By exercising it. It helps to insure our indispensable 1st amendment by utilizing the same synergy that sustains all the amendments mutually.

Our president's ideology engenders a static worldview that is threatening all Americans. A case for his removal from his office is more valid than ever before not only for what can be deemed extraconstitutional executive declarations but for what appears to be the total abdication of his primary duty to protect America. Barrack Obama is the de facto leader of the death cult known as "political correctness." He is intractable, delusional, dangerous and one of America's true existential threats. Obama in my laymen's opinion needs mental health help as soon as possible. If I am wrong in my assessment and our president is not experiencing mental and emotional discord then I demand a coherent explanation as to his unyielding patience for and marginalization of even the most horrific Muslim attacks across the globe. Hillary Clinton cannot exclude herself as a death cult member because of Benghazi and John Kerry, a charter member of the cult, has the Iranian nuclear agreement to seal his legacy in what will no doubt produce disastrous results. Susan Rice is a perfect example of how political correctness can demand one's soul and integrity from a full-fledged cult member. Valerie Jarret, Obama's go to high priestess of all things politically correct has done incalculable damage to America and the world. The list of cult members that encircle Obama is much too long to catalog here. Liberalism is religion; political correctness is a tenet which is almost considered a sacred obligation.

President Obama has decided that the acceptable politically correct price for what he perceives as America's past sins is American lives. How high will the price go? Well if the failed policies that facilitated the San Bernardino attack are any indication, the sky is the limit. Collective soul cleansing is not cheap. The schizophrenic effort of Liberals to please the world's progressives by claiming Americans are not xenophobic and racist while simultaneously accusing Americans of being exactly that by using guilt as a cudgel is fraudulent. Judgement of the unwashed masses that do not adhere to political correctness is mete out by the high priest and priestesses of the politically correct cult of death who occupy our propagandist media and elite political office. They themselves are excluded from any judgement whatsoever by assuming a completely false morally superior affect.

Where can Americans find shelter from the external threat of Islamic murderers and the internal threat of political correctness?

The 2nd amendment, our Constitution and its supporting documents.

That is where Americans will find their -- "Safe Space."

Patrick J. Fornari
Author of "Commoner Sense: The Working Person's Guide to America"

Our American Jihad
By Patrick J Fornari
Nov 28, 2015

Soon nearly a decade will have passed without the president saying anything of substance. Conversely, the leading republican presidential candidate initially labeled a circus clown allegedly saddled with what some in our media elite have characterized as a "fifth grade" vocabulary is the only person the American electorate perceives as speaking with authority or relevance proving him to be in reality the "Ringmaster" not the clown. Our president's suspected psychological affliction is often referred to as "malignant narcissism." America and the world are the victims of his deteriorating stability which evidently has caused him to abandon his primary responsibility to uphold our constitution and protect the American people and homeland.

"Trick or Treat?"
By Patrick J Fornari
Oct 30, 2015

America is not a static entity that can be divided into even slices of a mythical socialist pie served up as bites of social justice and erosive political correctness. We cannot have generational or demographic economic prosperity for all across the board at all times. Sacrificial generations exist to provide greater opportunity for the next. One generation digs ditches; the next builds a house, the next a factory. Any demographic group that does not sacrifice for its following generation is driven to the State for assistance. Generational assistance leads to a culture of dependency that looks to government as a means to survival.

Other Article Published at Magic City:

Patrick J. Fornari was born and raised in Indiana, and spent the first half of his three plus decade construction career working in the Midwest and Western United States, including Illinois, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, California and Arizona. For the second half of his career, he worked construction on several Caribbean islands, giving him a unique perspective on his home country. Fornari currently lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

"Commoner Sense"
By Patrick J. Fornari
iUniverse Press
Published 3/7/2014
ISBN: 978-1-4917-2273-2
156 pages
Softcover $16
E-book $4

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