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From the Attic

Notes From The Attic: The Magical Ones
By Aunt Susie
Aug 3, 2005 - 10:18:00 PM

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Life has been good in the attic. Quiet, cool, dark. So every so often, I need to pop into the world and see what is happening. But what I see is horrifying.

A river runs through this town. A river of sewage and human waste that has no comparison. The river is a group of citizens, and I use the term loosely, who are waging an unholy war against the very existence of the Town of Millinocket.

Their sole purpose is to keep this area as a wilderness, eventually make it a national park and in so doing, their loyalty to the Green Faction will be well rewarded. These are the people who stand to gain land, fortunes, and power. POWER - the force that absolutely corrupts and corrupts absolutely. The corruption has stained the politics of this town right down to the foundation. These "magical" citizens leave no stone unturned in their quest for their holy grail (I shudder in using these Christian terms, as I believe that their very souls have been sold to the highest bidder). They have threatened by innuendo, intimidated with jobs ... well, you get the idea.

Their latest tactic, I understand, is using a smear campaign against one of the only people brave enough to fight back against their evil. This couple put everything on the line for this town; their business, their finances, their good name. I cannot imagine such bravery as this, yet they still remain steadfast in their determination to fight the corruption.

These "magical" people are also able to win over those people who seek to be part of the "IN CROWD". These hangers on will do anything to get that approval, and a little bit of praise and a whole lot of goading go a very long ways. You can see that from the swivel attached to two councilors heads as they pivot back and forth waiting to get the nod as to what to say or how to vote. Yes, sadly, two of our elected are among the hangers on. I keep wondering if there are slits in their backs for the puppet masters to insert their arms! The inability to think for themselves has run me back to the attic more than a time or two, I can tell you.!

The last horrifying discovery I have made is that we have allowed the news delivery system - or more laughingly referred to  as the local paper - to conduct YELLOW JOURNALISM. They take some facts, sprinkle in innuendo, and use hearsay and fabrication to smear anyone who stands in their way. Anyone who is a student of political history or is over fifty will remember the McCarthy hearings. A veritable witchhunt - We are having our own McCarthy hearings right here - in river city. Lately, however, it has been somewhat amusing from my lofty abode, to see the worry, the panic, the looks of complete horror wash over the faces of this "magical" faction.

Appears to me that those kinds of looks only come from cornered animals, or from people who have been caught with their hand dipping one too many times in the cookie jar. Funny thing about that cookie jar, you can't eat just one - and greed is like that.

That is one of their most grievous errors - They have taken way too much from way too many people for WAY TOO LONG and truly expect to continue to do so. Now I am figuring that most of these people don't honor the ten commandments in their hearts or even in their daily lives. Because of that, they have no idea what happens as their river of sewage snakes its way through town. People eventually get tired of the STINK and do what they can to clean up the river. Because folks, as we all know, THERE IS JUSTICE IN THE WORLD.

And what makes it better is that it happens when you least expect it. Well, watching all the goings on has made me real tired. I think I want to return to the quiet, the cool and the dark of my attic. Where I sit high above the sludge and waste. I still get the stink, though darn it.

Bye for now!

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