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Who am I?
By June M. Davis
Jan 29, 2016 - 3:05:31 AM

What you are speaks so loud that the world can't hear what you say. They are looking at your walk not listening to your talk. They are judging by your actions every day.

Life is more about the - Doing - word. The action speaks louder than words.

It is five-thirty of the evening in the Los Angeles Basin. Moving fast from the kitchen into the living room, I stopped on the staircase to close the window. The right corner of the right eye saw a long, wide red line appearing like a line of fire across the land where the Basin meets sky. As the setting sun made a road for morning. I stopped.

The call of nature made me stop like saying 'dont miss this, you have got to witness the last prints of my foot steps before darkness.' So there I stood in amazing wonder looking at the red lines as the redness gradually disappeared leaving a bluish gray color. The sky taking on a dusky pink color gradually fading into an -off white.

As the earth color got darker and darker turning to darkness, the sky seemed less and less white as the sun disappeared to the other half of the world. Turning and turning to make it's morning entry with the same footprints; hours away.

I did not miss my favorite TV show. Instead I had a feeling of fulness, a satisfied and happy feeling. The act of engaging in the simple revolving twenty four seven - up and down event of daily living reminding me that -- life can be simple if we allow it to be.

The sun does not fight and bite, complain or disclaim, pout or shout, plunder and squander. Cheat and beat, isolate and segregate, scheme and steal, hate and late, block and stop, push and shove, punish and banish, dismantle and disown.

It simply shines every day on the just and on the unjust. Always in a state of diffusing energetic laughter.

One might say 'that is the sun, that is it's job.' I am so glad that it does a good job because it is sometimes not easy for me to tell directions from my place of abode but -- the sun finds me in every corner of my home. It is amazing wonderment when I wake up in the mornings and find the sun looking into my home. The darkened bathroom; it finds it's way in there. It reminds me of the Psalmist who says 'there is no place that I can hide from You. If I descend to the bottom of the sea thou art there. If I make my bed in hell even there shall thy right hand uphold me.'

For people living in warm environmental weather any flooring of wood attracts the sun. I love to see the dancing sun light on a shiny invitational wood type flooring, doing it's shimmering nature dance with it's reflection of trees on glass and other invitational furniture pieces, Creating rainbow colors when there is no rain. The activity of the sun invites one to join in the dance of life.

There is no need for a single individual to be torn apart by loneliness. If you are lucky -although there is absolutely no prejudice available here -- to witness the appearance of the sun in your home, having a nature party, join in and have the dance of your life.

You will enjoy it - and laugh at your self. For after all; if you don't laugh at yourself, you will miss the greatest of all laughter. The best medicine.

June M. Davis
Author of "A Song in the Dark"

June M. Davis, a retired RN, lives in West Los Angeles. After the many deaths in her family, Davis started healing by writing poems and hopes to inspire thousands from her new book, "A Song in the Dark." Davis enjoys singing, playing the piano, and reciting poetry. She also is a Christian and is very involved in the Church of God. For more information see

"A Song in the Dark"
by June Davis
Xlibris Publishing
Publihsed 7/17/2015
ISBN: 978-1-5035-8716-8
132 pages
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