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"To Chelsea" - A Poem by Adena Trevor
By Adena Trevor
Aug 7, 2015 - 12:25:30 AM

To Chelsea.

A sheet of blank paper, pink, green, pale blue, white, cream
A box of colours, a rainbow of hues, hard pointed wax, water colours,
Those hard blocks of paint, waiting for a brush and water to come alive.
A splash of colour on the page, no form, just colour, enhanced with a finger,
Alive, round and round in glorious circles, colours melding into shapes without form
But bright in a child's mind, laughing, adding more colour. Now it is blue
Now, brown, add some red, what colour is this? Add some yellow,
It's a greenish purple. "How would that look on the wall?"
"Better not try. I like it, but who else?"
"Let's put it up on the 'fridge so everyone can see it."

"Can you draw Mom's hand?" Put it on the paper, draw round the fingers with a pencil.
"There. I'll show you how to draw in the nails. How does that look?"
"Now I'll have it for ever and a day." Put it safe. A scrapbook of remembrances.
Pictures of boots, shoes, dogs, cats, handbags? Where did they come from?
Never mind, they were precious at the time.
Look, there's a picture of me making castles in the sand.
Remember that day, the hot sun and the blisters on my back?
The blisters that kept me awake? But never mind, they healed, slowly.
A lesson though, never forgotten. More careful now!

Memories of childhood. Those wonderful books with stories of squirrels
Rabbit holes and White Queens, "Believe it or Not" with pictures of ladies
With rings round their necks, strange stories of distance lands.
Books always with pictures: jungles, Kaa the snake, Mowgli.
Books to read while sitting round the fire. Snow White with Dwarfs
Remember their names? Happy, Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy and
Who can forget "Dopey" with bubbles shooting out of his ears after swallowing soap?
Then later on stories of adventure, of ships at sea and "Long John Silver"
Books of paintings from galleries, later visited.
The love of paintings that started with those sheets of colour
Waiting to be filled. Filled by a child. Where are they now?

The Scrapbook, long lost, but memories remain and seen again in mind's eye.
Days follow days, birthdays, school, art and music. Too bad I didn't have a good ear
Perhaps the violin was not a good choice. But never mind, I enjoyed it!
My brother gave me a mute for Christmas with a poem about Paganini.
Job followed job, then a career, travel to new land, still working,
Still learning, still reading, watching my children growing.
Leaving home with children of their own, with their own interests, growing up.
Their books were about magic and owls, castles and dragons,
And so much more. Changed times!
But one, a girl, was given sheets of plain paper and colours
And let her imagination go wild, her art on the 'fridge
To be seen by all. Now her art can be seen by countless children
Gracing the pages of books, beloved by children,
Pictures of witches on broomsticks, dogs and elves, stories told
By a mother to her child, now handed down for all to see and enjoy.

Adena Trevor
Author of "Freddy and Mrs Goodwich"

My experience in nursing vs. holistic nursing
by Adena Trevor
June 7, 2015

As a nurse working in hospitals I followed the usual routines caring for my patients. I enjoyed the work and did this for many years. There was always something new to learn, and I joined nursing organisations in order to keep up with the latest trends. But then, all this changed when I attended one particular meeting. The subject was "diet," so I expected the usual recommendation of "meat and two vegetables, fats, dairy and carbohydrates." Instead, the presenter introduced us to something called "Applied Kinesiology" and showed through muscle testing that certain foods were not appropriate for certain individuals.

Adena Trevor is an octogenarian, but that does not slow her down. Trevor is a registered nurse and owns and operates her own holistic nursing business. She loves canoeing, swimming, reading, writing poetry, sewing, gardening, golfing, traveling, and cooking pancakes with her husband Stanley, two sons, and three grandchildren. For more information, visit

"Freddy and Mrs Goodwich"
By Adena Trevor
Xlibris Books
August 13, 2104
ISBN: 978-1-49905-712-6
24 pages
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