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Storytelling's inspirational fluidity
By Dr. Constance Colon-Jones
Mar 19, 2014 - 6:45:45 AM

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Life moves thru cyclical circles - it abounds with richness - it integrates within metered times - it terminates within the nirvana's soul

Transforming through personal and professional modes has represented objective and subjective situations. These situations defined singular and group matters.

Each representation culminated observational analysis from truth-based to communicative role-played.

From direct to indirect contacts, there has been memory sound byte stored knowledge. This neuro-web system has proclaimed its segue into storymaking:

From Storytelling's "The Artist" and manipulated career-success moves - through "The Capturer" and constricted global investment changes - through "The Entertainer" and market advertisement ventured reveling - through "The Musician" and forced career position movements - through "The Psychologist" and psycho-analyzed clientle evaluations - through "The Sociologist" and situationed life worthy programmings - through "The Teacher" and educational future preparedness.

Structured to semi-structured to open-ended composites formulated avenues of welled developments. Positives and negatives produced baselines relevant to and related to personal and professional lives, serving as a conduit to photo-analyzing life's movements.

Worldwide exposure thematically proposed a focus upon reality-oriented scenes permitting readers to associate their lives and implement learning details.

What the writer represents and readers determine is validating constructs in relationship to self and others. In revealing truth-bound reality, the reader may propose more than the figurative pictures into concrete life images. Imagery into concreteness elevates cognitive concepts into valid thought-processes into pre-determined actualization. In essence, the writer has allowed the readers to evolve thru self into pre-conceived growth.

Personal and professional associated relationships are enhanced vis-a-vis authorship and readership. Written scopes initiate the determining background factors for full-fledge decision-making. Again, divulging the imaginative processes from experimental levels into definitive actions.

Acknowledging truth-telling believement avenues kneaded details into molded life experiences. Moment to moment evidences observations and categorized events. Taken pictorals blend into full-blown and concentrated depictions.

Life-given evidences pose alternative options to secure storytelling. Significant life-time living throughout expansive day to day pages brochure purusing. Camera observation and selection of time and place produce the initiating purposes for story development. Personal engagements and professional experiences have lent themselves to seeking and securing story validity. Socio-psychological interactions lay the groundwork for specific titlings. Of inclusion essence is the interpreting and designing within significant on-going plot scenes.

Broad reading publications exhibit the general societal level. Broad employment positions exhibit the general majority. Lessened options within both categories define general experience levels. And indeed lessen the general population's knowledge-based reference options as well. Hence, the written passages in all-encompassing title forms. The engaging truth-telling life experiences have brought about reality-oriented readings. These unfold and clarify what "other than their life experiences" have shown. The worldly action experienced reader is provided with concentrated reader material to evaluate the persona and re-evaluate decision-making.

Much in the way of life experiences divulge cross-roads wherein ready and positive action is not offered. Guidance throughout life's decision-making has been seen vis-à-vis professionalism and related references. Key denotations within these measures could resolve miniscule to monumental life errors. Persona and associated mirror-imaging error analysis through reading passages formulate trial evidence relevant to discussion-seeking and problem-solving.

Storytelling - visual reading pleasure and life's envisioning realities.

By Dr. Constance Colon-Jones
Author of "

Dr Constance Colon-Jones is from Simpsonville, SC. She has a Language & Communication Institutional Doctorate and completed a MEd (English Linguistics & Educational Foundations) in 1988. She has a wide array of experiences in the fields of research and publication. Several of her works have already been published within different medias. During her time in the academe, the author taught seven accredited courses; designed, developed, and implemented two other accredited courses; and a language laboratory. She also guided Master's degree level instructors and tutors.

By Dr. Constance Colon-Jones
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2845-8
Available at: Amazon, AuthorHouse and Barnes and Noble online bookstores

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