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Religion is answers that may never be questioned
By Ross McRonald
Feb 21, 2014 - 6:20:00 AM

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The following is an excerpt from Chapter 22 of the novel "The Crisis of Revelation" By Ross McRonald.

Inspired by other works, this novel suggests that Jesus' final resting place is in the south of France.

The novel follows a retired engineer, Jack Molay, who goes on an archeology expedition to Europe. While there, his team discovers what they believe to be the bones of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. The bones show signs that a crucifixion has occurred. However, these bones have healed. The evidence of healing directly refutes the claim that Jesus rose from the dead.

Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned.

The following morning was a new day. He received a call from a priest in Lyon telling him where the group was living. It was the same Father that had initially told him of Molay's search. It was a viable tip. But now he needed to put a plan into place to retrieve the relics without causing too much commotion. The less people knew the easier they could cover up the story. It took him over an hour to formulate a decent plan. It would involve at least two or more individuals but it wouldn't work without them.

"Father, this is Cardinal Lemoyne again. I hope I'm not disturbing you but as you can see this is very important." He was assured that it wasn't a bother. "Could you possibly find two gendarmes that you can trust?" He stressed the word trust. "I think it would be best if they were members of Opus Dei. I have evidence that this group, has in their possession, one or possibly two boxes of bones. These relics are very important to the Church as you can imagine." He didn't know how informed the priest was but assumed that he knew a lot or wouldn't have taken the initiative to call him two months ago. He heard a grunt of agreement. "Have the gendarmes go to the home of this man and demand they return the relics to France. It is illegal for them to have stolen them. Use any excuse, including jail, to get the boxes. If they are found have them take it, or them, to your church. I'm certain you have a proper hiding place for them. If you do receive them call me. Can you do that? Will it take long?"

The priest on the other end assured him he had two men who would be very willing to do as the Cardinal asked. He would get started and let LeMoyne know the outcome. At least he had something to go on.

"Did you see this article Pastor?" Peter Kline asked handing a summarized version of the news clipping fashioned in the form that the Pastor demanded. James Diamond, aka 'The Pastor' was an ordained minister who had, in his confession, found 'Jesus' while suffering from a fit of depression after losing his wife. He became enthralled with the Bible. "Is it important at this time of the morning?" The Pastor was shaving. "Yes, Pastor, I think you should read this." Peter didn't want to say be prepared to talk about this incredible hoax.
Diamond wiped the shaving cream off his face, checking in the mirror to see if it was all off or, probably, to see how he looked. He dried his hands and grabbed the announcement out of Kline's hand. He strained to read the paper because he hadn't had time to put in his contacts. "Is this what I think it says? Somebody found the body of Jesus. Oh, really." He said it with a sneering laugh. "And what kind of evidence do they have to substantiate with?"

Peter was waiting for the opportunity. He never gave The Pastor any more information than he asked for. "From what I heard from friends this discovery seems very troubling. But the explanation is too simple. All we have to go on is a report that someone has an ossuary top with the inscription Yeshua, but there has to be more to it because why all the noise?"

"Peter you look into it. I think its bull crap. But keep me informed. We may be able to turn it into something. Stay in touch with Charles on this." Charles was the writer/ producer of the weekly television show that was broadcast nationally by The Pastor. He also hosted, and preached, on limited cable shows in two hundred and forty five regions. His Church and affiliates grossed three hundred and twenty million dollars annually.

Hearing The Pastor's remarks stunned him. It was the first time that it registered in his brain about the 'Teachings' he was trying to understand and reconciling with the Bible. Why wouldn't The Pastor want to know more about this finding?

"Can I ask you a question sir?" It was all Peter could say.

Diamond looked up from the newspaper that Peter had provided him with that morning and replied "Of course."

"Sir, if I might," he tried to be obsequious, "this finding might be the most important thing to affect our ministry.

"Oh, Peter don't be absurd. We aren't selling the concept of Jesus as God. We're selling redemption with a capital R. No one wants to think about dying and that's it. They want the hope that no matter how shitty their life here on earth was this new life will be infinitely better. Don't get too tied to the theological orthodoxy. We're selling redemption. Got it?" The Pastor nodded and Peter knew his few minutes together had ended.

Peter left the mansion and walked to the studio situated on the campus a few hundred feet away. Part of his job was coordinating news stories to integrate into the daily shows. Charles Wilson put the shows together but relied on Peter and one or two others to get the material to the speech writers. He went into the conference room where everyone was beginning to settle. They had three hours to determine what went into the broadcast for that day.

"Has anyone heard about this?" He held up the original clipping of the report concerning the bones of Christ.

Jane Bentley, one of the writers, spoke up. "I didn't see the article but heard a bit of discussion on the radio as I came in this morning. Does anyone here think this isn't a little silly?" Almost all in room agreed with her. She went on, "but let's not dismiss this out of hand. I think we could make this into at least one show and perhaps more. My idea is to have The Pastor start with this and work his way into how the Devil is trying to tempt us away from the Faith."

"But what happens if more information comes out that supports the evidence? Won't we look bad and have to retract some of The Pastor's words?" Peter was convinced that there was more to the story and didn't want the Ministry to get a black eye if something extraordinary was forthcoming.............

"The Crisis of Revelation"
By Ross McRonald

Price: $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-4917-1261-0
Available at: Amazon, iUniverse and Barnes and Noble online bookstores

About the Author

Ross McRonald is a practicing physician in Boynton Beach, Florida. Several of his articles have been published in medical trade magazines and peer reviewed medical journals. He and his wife, Carole, have been married for more than 50 years. He is also the author of "Exit Strategy".

"Books such as 'The Da Vinci Code' scratch the surface in regards to alternative religious beliefs," McRonald said. "I wanted to write something that takes these ideas to the next level so that we can further explore the roots of Christianity."

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