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Only By Faith!
By Shirley Kirwan
Apr 9, 2014 - 12:20:09 AM

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We often face certain experiences in our lives that cause us to wonder, ponder, and reflect. Serious accident, illness, loneliness, imprisonment, poverty, confusion, or desperation, are some of the things that present themselves at some point or another in our lives. Often, if we are not careful they can take us to a place that is referred to as 'rock bottom.' I personally have been there several times and I tell you it is certainly not a place anyone would want to be. There, you are overtaken by the feeling of weakness, despondency and vulnerability to the point of losing faith in your ability to go on.

This is the very time that you are snatched up from your present state by an unseen hand; a hand that is strong and powerful and can reach you anywhere you are and in any situation you are in. Many people, in an effort to rationalise the sudden turn-around in their situation, describe it as being rescued by a supernatural being, escaping by the skin of their teeth, pulled through in the nick of time, or saved by the bell.

What they do not realise though, is that rationalising overshadows the essence of what truly happens. Let us slowly go through it. We are being watched over, cared for, and protected by an all powerful God who although we cannot see, reaches down His hand to save us from danger and snares. If you only believe, God will always intervene in the affairs of your life. He is always by your side now and forever.

The term, 'seeing is believing' is a well-known saying that most people are accustomed to hear. But I dare pause to say, that this saying does not stand when it relates to things of God; for, because we cannot see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We've been told that we are surrounded by air and breathe in oxygen without which we cannot survive. We have never seen oxygen, yet, we believe. How much more then should we believe in a God who created us and continues to sustain us? How much more then should we believe in a Christ who came to earth in the form of man to save us from the clutches of sin and show us the way to God the Father? How much more should we believe that He died for us, rose from the grave, and is in Heaven at the right hand of His Father, making intercession for us? How much more should we believe that He is coming back someday soon to receive those who by faith believe His words, live according to His commands, and are constantly watching and waiting for His return?

Jesus' disciples had witnessed Him crucified, died and buried. Yet, later, Thomas, in his response to the news from the other disciples, that they had seen Jesus, reminds us of how people operate today. "I won't believe it unless I see the nail wounds in His hands, put my fingers into them, and place my hand into the wound in His side" (John 20:25). Because Thomas didn't see Jesus for himself, he felt that was a reason for him to doubt. Thomas wanted Jesus' physical presence but we need to understand that God in His wisdom has not limited Himself to a physical body; He wants to be present with us at all times. I am certain that at times you wish you could actually see Jesus, touch Him, and hear His words; sit at His feet like Martha and listen to His audible voice. Sometimes, I do. But know that even now, Jesus is with you in the form of the Holy Spirit. Even though He is indiscernible with the human eye, He is ever present and you can talk to Him in prayer, while He speaks to you through His words in the pages of the Bible and impressions of the Holy Spirit.

It is worth noting that Jesus gave Thomas the evidence he needed. Some people, like Thomas, need to doubt before they believe. If the doubt leads to questions and ultimately to accepted answers, that is good, but if it becomes stubbornness and pride, then it would have harmed your faith. Hence Jesus scolded Thomas, "You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me" (John 20:29).

Quite often, we hear incredible reports from various sources; some we believe while others we do not. This depends on the source of the report or the credibility of the reporter. In many cases, some people are gullible, believing just about any and everything they may hear; while, on the other hand, there are those who only believe when the source of the report or information has been proven reliable. Well, the Bible, the living word of God, is reliable. It has been proven true over the ages. It is one source we can rely on without questioning. The word is the invisible God so if any report is believable it is the report of the Lord. Therefore, while you may not be able to physically see God, know that His unseen hand constantly reaches down to aid you whenever you need help.

Shirley Kirwan
Author of "The Healing Hand of God"

In "The Healing Hand of God" (listed in the Christian Book Basket April 2nd)Shirley Kirwan aptly compresses her six-month critical illness into a few pages of faith-affirming reading. The book synthesizes the certainty of bible promises with her practical extra-biblical deliverance from the cold arms of death, by God's mighty hand. The authenticity of this personal testimony is corroborated by eyewitness accounts and medical interventions, showing cumulatively, that while her physical heart was at its weakest, her spiritual heart was at its strongest.

"I'm not out to bash skeptics or prove too bold a point, but I'm passionate about sharing my own personal story of being saved at a time when many had already written my life off," says Kirwan. "I can't speak on behalf of others, but my own personal experience is that God will save anyone if they take the time to get close to him. My book will assist people with the goal -- it could just be life-saving."

'The Healing Hand of God' is available for around $16 at

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