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Last Updated: Jun 7, 2015 - 3:25:32 AM 

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My experience in nursing vs. holistic nursing
By Adena Trevor
Jun 7, 2015 - 3:25:30 AM

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As a nurse working in hospitals I followed the usual routines caring for my patients. I enjoyed the work and did this for many years. There was always something new to learn, and I joined nursing organisations in order to keep up with the latest trends.

But then, all this changed when I attended one particular meeting. The subject was "diet," so I expected the usual recommendation of "meat and two vegetables, fats, dairy and carbohydrates." Instead, the presenter introduced us to something called "Applied Kinesiology" and showed through muscle testing that certain foods were not appropriate for certain individuals. She muscle tested me, and my muscles indicated that certain foods weakened me even though I enjoyed their taste whereas other foods strengthened me. I had been introduced to a holistic lifestyle. Other courses followed, and I learned about natural healing using therapeutic touch, reflexology, crystals, pendulums, and increased my knowledge of kinesiology. Some of my newfound knowledge I used on my patients with great success, especially therapeutic touch. It had a calming effect on patients who were under stress and did help to decrease pain.

On resigning from hospital nursing, another nurse and I opened a holistic nursing business. I continued my study of holistic modalities, reading extensively about natural healing, especially about digestion and the importance of bowel care. I started doing colonic irrigation, which is a method of cleansing the colon of putrefied end products of digestion. This service was the most beneficial to my patients. I discovered that constipation could affect every part of the body, leading to profound discomfort and illness.

My clients improved in unexpected ways: increased circulation to the legs, improved digestion, less bloating, less gas, greater energy, improved complexions, and in some cases loss of weight. By using muscle testing I could offer suggestions about changes in diet, their environment, the cleaning products they used -- even the type of toothpaste they used. There are so many unhealthy products in common use and by being able to test themselves my clients are able to find products that are right for them. Other modalities are of great use, for example EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is an apparently simple solution for self-healing of pain, anxiety, discomfort, phobias, allergies and minor discomforts. It is based on tapping on certain energy points on the head and upper torso similar to acupuncture without the needles.

Studying and applying the various modalities has changed my life. Using nutritional supplements, being careful about my diet, playing golf and using EFT when my game is off (it works!), staying away from unnecessary procedures and pain killers, and keeping a positive attitude has kept me healthy.

Adena Trevor
Author of "Freddy and Mrs Goodwich"

Adena Trevor
is an octogenarian, but that does not slow her down. Trevor is a registered nurse and owns and operates her own holistic nursing business. She loves canoeing, swimming, reading, writing poetry, sewing, gardening, golfing, traveling, and cooking pancakes with her husband Stanley, two sons, and three grandchildren.

"Freddy and Mrs Goodwich"
By Adena Trevor
Xlibris Books
Published 8/13/2014
ISBN: 978-1-49905-712-6
24 pages
Softcover $16
E-book $3.50

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