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Isn't Life Funny.
By John J. Walsh
Jan 9, 2014 - 12:03:21 AM

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Isn't this life we live a funny thing? Here was me thinkin that all me hopes of becomin a famous writer was dashed to pieces when the Big Ben told me a few months ago that he was no longer goin to be publishin at Magic City, and now he tells me he is publishin again. And what did I do when he told me that he wouldn't be publishin? I didn't send him any more of me little scribblins now did I, and then I lost the bloody file I was holdin them in.

So here I am now once again puttin pen te paper te make a name for meself.

Now while I was thinkin how funny life is, I came across three things which set me mind to thinkin. The first was an article in National Geographic about pollution, the second was those photographs of the oil spill, and the third was another one of those shite filled articles about carbon trading emissions.

When ye put all three together it makes for a funny picture doesn't it? Here be we all doin our best te protect mother nature from our flatulent cows, backfirin unroadworthy vehicles, and spewin chimney stacks, and British Petroleum goes and undoes it all in one foul sweep.

And isn't it funny that now we are all fired up to protect the environment, we are prepared to give a free pass to developin countries to pollute the environment, because we feel guilty about our own past wrongdoin.

I was readin somewhere that cattle and sheep are polluting the atmosphere at a greater rate than vehicular traffic, and how scientists are working to somehow reverse bovine flatulence (pardon my play on words). But then again, just think what other applications such a process might have, for I have many a friend whose flatulence is on par with that of any grassed up, or is that 'gassed up', cow.

Some nutters even suggest that we get rid of cows altogether, but it would make more sense to me to get rid of the cars don't ye think? But where would we be without our horseless carriages? Well for starters we could reintroduce the horse carriage, and use those emissions to fertilize our vegetable gardens.

We would also have to walk and work nearer to home, and in the process perhaps actually come to know our neighbors. Wouldn't that be just dandy now wouldn't it? And there'd be less need for oil and petroleum, which would reduce the risks involved in searching for it at the bottom of the ocean, and doin untold damage to wildlife and those relyin on the sea for a livin.

But where the rubber meets the road, as me Da used to say, it's the love of money that oils the wheels of progress.

'Progress at all cost' is the motto. Let's just hope our progress doesn't cost us all!.

John (Jack) Walsh

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John J. Walsh, a Catholic, is originally from Ireland; went to high school and university in Australia, and later moved to the U.S.A. Fearing the hot blooded protestants and not wanting to reach heaven or hell faster than is God's plan, his personal email address and other particulars are not available for publication. You may however Email him at: johnjwalsh_magic

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