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Inspiration from "Rainbows"
By M. Michaelides
Mar 14, 2014 - 2:55:13 PM

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A rainbow is the breaking down of bright clear light, into seven different vibrant colors. If you rotate them all together at a very high speed, they will once again turn into a bright clear light. Clear white light is purifying and stabilizing to the whole of a person's energy system.

Red is the color closest to the earth vibration, to the material realm and to the heat that fires things up so the energy can rise up on the spectrum of color. Without red, we have little energy to get up and do the necessary activities required for our daily chores. There is a secret contained in the red. This secret is our mission in life. We need to search to discover it.

Orange is the color that follows red. Orange contains vitality. It's a holding force between mind and spirit. If there is a fixation on the material plane, the vibration of orange assists in dislocating this resistance. Orange has a tendency to open one's heart to the upper vibrations; to spiritual realities that in the past one might not have recognized. This may bring good luck.

Yellow works with more subtle levels of energy. It invigorates and it influences the superior mind and the soul. Yellow is the color of clarity and light. It cleanses and purifies the physical body.

Green gives us equilibrium. It's both calming and energizing. It encourages harmony, good health, healing and peace. It calms, refreshes and tones the body on all levels. That's why nature is dressed in green.

Blue is a refreshing color associated with music and the throat. It soothes and relaxes us; therefore it can assist in inducing sleep. It creates emotional stability and mental clarity. Loyalty and truth are associated with blue. It opens the soul to spiritual perception, enabling precognition. It also helps organize thought, expression and communication.

The next color in the rainbow, indigo, increases one's faculties of perception. It helps sleep induction and assists with meditation.

Violet is the last color of the rainbow. It has the most elevated vibration of all the colours of the prism. It creates spiritual purification. It also aids in the transmutation of negative emotions and mental relaxation to the next level of vibrations. It aids us to reach our essence. It harmonises the body and it works especially on the superior levels of one's being.

When we say that when we ride upon a rainbow, we get to a pot of gold; what we mean is that when we work through all the facets of ourselves, we can transcend the duality dimension in which we live, and reach the next dimension- the golden dimension. The mulch-colored chrysanthemum which is the rainbow, transforms into a chiliochosm (or life in the expanding universe).

M. Michaelides
Author of Rainbow Angel

M. Michaelides was born in Mozambique and later moved to South Africa. She has a degree in psychology, speaks 6 languages and has experienced what she believes are angelic encounters. "Rainbow Angel" is her first published book

In a far off land of Fos, an enchanting king and queen rule the land. Queen Sofia and King Savitar have many children; they love their children very, very much, so they decide to send them on an exciting adventure. Their daughter, Anthea, leaves on her journey and lands in a garden called Talia, where she is quick to make friends with a sunflower named Zoe.

Rainbow Angel
by M. Michaelides
Hardcover: 120 pages
Publisher: (December 4, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1475962495
ISBN-13: 978-1475962499
$4 - $10 - $17 at Amazon

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