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Healing Thyself
By David Burger
Oct 23, 2015 - 10:47:00 PM

Oftentimes I have found that the wisdom I am sharing with another is actually a lesson I have needed to adjust my own course. As I practiced healing another, it was my own healing being addressed.

I recently had a talk with my twenty-four-year-old niece who has lost her life's direction. The words I spoke were the same words I would tell my own twenty-year-old self if I could go back and share the wisdom. Although I practice these lessons, it was not until I was in my forties that this wisdom became apparent to me. Maybe our conversation was a mere reiteration of what I needed to hear for my own self healing.

I have a passion for studying and practicing the Law of Attraction. Miracles do happen in a world that asks, believes, and receives. My advice to my niece was to find her passion and then picture herself possessing what it was she desired. She had to envision how this person held herself, how she thought, and the decisions she would make to achieve her status and wishes. Once she had an idea of who this lady was, she had to conduct herself in actions, thought, and decisions in order to grow into that very person.

Many years ago I formulated a person in my mind who physically looked like me but held himself with a confidence I did not recognize. He was physically fit and appeared content with life. That person was alien to me. I cannot say I practiced exactly what I explained to my niece, but I never lost the picture of that man. As the years have gone by, I have found myself focusing on what he may have experienced to become the person he did. Today I have a world of confidence, a physically-fit lifestyle, and a way of securing my finances. I am moving towards the man in my vision. Much like following breadcrumbs, I have miraculously come across vital nuggets to help me achieve that image. I have attracted those necessities along life's journey without much attention of the Law of Attraction at work.

I am finding that anyone can be who they want to be. There are pitfalls along the way and things to be learned in order to avoid self-sabotage. Even in those areas, I have found the words or circumstances come to me in such a way to keep me directed toward the future I desire. I do wonder if my niece being put in front of me was for her healing or mine. The answer, I hope, is some of both.

Keep this in mind as you gain the wisdom of achieving your vision in life. There may come a time that finds you sharing what you have learned only to realize it is exactly what you need in order to heal yourself.

David Burger
Author of "Accidental Lives"

David Burger served in the US Air Force and earned both his pilot's license and mechanic's license in aviation. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and has started multiple businesses, including a financial services business in northwest Arkansas. After his divorce, David struggled through depression but found peace through a spiritual quest, discovering authors like Wayne Dyer who spoke to his heart. He is the father of two girls and currently lives in Springdale, Ark. For more information, visit

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