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Finding passion and living on purpose
By Sanford McMurray
Jan 15, 2014 - 12:10:12 AM

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Passion is not something that we discover; it's already in us and always has been.

Throughout our lives, we are bombarded with those who tell us what we can and cannot do and what we must and must not say. We're told to be constantly aware of other's opinions of us and conform to social norms. Sadly, many are guided by others instead of their own inner voice.

For example, television, movies, and even our music tell us "men don't have clue about love", or "money will make us happy". Popular culture and the media guide how we dress, what we think and how we define success and happiness.

What I believe and what I write about in my book, "Do You Live on Purpose" is that everyone wants the same basic things, happiness, financial independence, freedom of choice and the courage to follow our dreams. We must stop following social norms and follow our gut instead.

When it comes to finding passion, many of us have to learn how to rediscover our inner voice. Our inner voice is the key to rediscovering our purpose on this planet. I challenge everyone to let courage drown out fears, let love lead your day-to-day lives. By accomplishing this, we can change our negative thoughts through our daily actions and come closer to discovering our eternal purpose.

Now there is a difference between following your goals and dreams and just standing in ego and pride. We are all social creations and there is nothing in our lives that we've accomplished without help from other human beings. Dreams start with you but they need many hands and those many hands are your family, friends and other social and work colleagues you encounter along the way. They can help get you where you want to be. Our dreams and goals need people and help. Do not let your ego and pride push people away, choose your friends, choose who you hang with outside of work, let your family know you need their support not their negativity and share with loved ones how you've reconnected with your inner voice.

I remember back in Alton Illinois between 1985 and 1987 when I felt totally clear. I was at Lewis n Clark College, I was studying, had a job, was in a relationship and was struggling with whether to go back home or stay with my uncle. Each day I woke up I made one important choice and that was to do what it took to be better, stronger, and more flexible and develop my acrobatic skills so that I would be ready when I auditioned for a dance school in New York. My focus was pinpoint. I did not miss a day for almost two years. I trained and told myself that I would get into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City. In 1987 I was accepted into AMDA's Musical Theatre and Dance program on scholarship. I created my dream from the future I projected in front of me each and every day.

Today I am proud of and humbled by the fact that I have succeeded at so many of my dreams and goals, but like all journeys the universe has a plan too. We're not in charge of anything. We get to have dreams, set the goals and work hard for them. After this, it's time to let the universe send us the lessons surrounding the future we want. To truly get what you want you must be willing to pay the price. Paying the price means everything you do should be leading you to the dreams, goals and ideal person you want to be, once you and the future meet.

In summary:

Don't let negative people or media stop your dreams and goals.

Let your courage drown out your fears and doubts.

Do not let your ego and pride stop you from learning life's lessons in personal growth and share your joy by helping others do the same.

Use past 'clear moments' and 'actions' to help uplift you when you get stuck or start doubting yourself.

We all must struggle to learn what's truly important to us.

These are my keys to "finding your passion and living on purpose".

Sanford McMurray

About the Author

Sanford McMurray is a motivational speaker and the founder of Cheersport Australia. Prior to founding Cheersport, McMurray worked as a model, television actor and a cruise-line performer. He currently resides in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and two children and is passionate about inspiring, helping and challenging athletes, coaches and parents all to their endless potential.

"Do You Live on Purpose" is his first published novel and can be found at Balboa Press

(This book was listed in the Magic City Book Basket article on January 5, 2014).

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