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Excerpt from Isabella Clarence's book: "Different?...You Have Always Been Different"
By Isabella Clarence
Nov 19, 2014 - 12:27:02 AM

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Let's look at what can happen to put the balance out in our aura. It doesn't have to be a major trauma, or a situation of fear beyond words to knock the balance out, it can often be something quite simple.

"...Diane and her husband Gary and their two children came to stay with us in England, for a week's holiday just before Christmas. They were spending two months travelling through Europe and our home was one of the places they wanted to come to stay. I was going to get to meet my namesake. Their little Isabella was now two and a half years old. They duly arrived. The children were both wonderfully behaved but little Isabella had a very bad stammer. Diane told me that it was trying both her and Gary's patience to the limit, and she felt the stammer was getting worse. I have to be honest her stammer was bad, poor little mite; she would take ages just to get one word out, so we all needed a lot of patience when Isabella was speaking, to allow her to say what she wanted to. I could see it was causing problems for the rest of their family. They had been staying with us for about four days when I asked Diane if she knew what had caused the stammer. Did she know what the trigger had been? She said she felt it had been her fault.

About six months earlier when Isabella had just turned two, she shouted at her because the little one was being stubborn. She said to me 'I really shouted and I realised straight away that I had reacted too harshly, after all she was still just a baby.' Anyone who has children will understand that little ones can be very trying, we have all heard of 'the terrible two's.' Diane told me that she was having a particular bad day herself that day, she was tired and yes she knew she shouldn't have shouted at the little one, but she had. Isabella had started to stammer very soon after. That was six months ago and it was getting worse, not better. It just so happened that the two children were sleeping in a bedroom right opposite my husband and me, so when Isabella woke up whimpering that night, I went into the bedroom to comfort her. I sat on the floor beside her and gently stroked her head, just like I used to do with my own children and after a few minutes Isabella went back to sleep. The following morning I noticed that her stammer was not quite as bad as yesterday. Diane asked me if I would give her (Diane) a treatment, because she was having a problem with her hip. I said of course I would and I suggested that I could also give little Isabella a small treatment if Diane agreed, the little one could come into the room while I worked on her mummy and then she could have a turn on my electric healing bed herself. Diane thought that this was a very good idea if we could get Isabella to agree.

My healing room is a joy for me to work in and a little girls dream. Partly because its decorated in pale pink with a pink carpet, but also because I have lots of lovely crystals, angels, fairies and butterflies all over the place. So I didn't think we would have a problem getting Isabella to come into my room with us and I was right. We told her it was a magical room full of lovely things and actually it is. As I was working on Diane little Isabella was happily playing on the floor with my crystals. When I had finished treating Diane, I asked Isabella if she would like to get onto the magic bed, I didn't have to ask twice, she climbed up onto my bed before I had a chance to help her. I gave her the remote control to operate the height of the bed. Up and down she went for about ten minutes and while she was doing this, I was doing my healing work. I didn't need to touch her, just her aura around her. So as she was going up and down, so was I. She had a great time and when she decided she had played enough, the session was finished. My prayer was that this short treatment would be enough to clear what I can only describe as a shock wave in her aura.

The following morning there was a marked improvement in her stammer, and mummy's hip was feeling much better. It had been a joy to have them all to stay with us and there were quite a few tears when they left. But this was not quite the end of the story. After they left us they were travelling to London for Christmas. We received a Christmas card from Diane. Needless to say I have kept it. It's one of my many treasures. The card was to wish us all a wonderful Christmas with many thanks for their stay. But most important of all Diane wrote:

Little Isabella left her stammer in your magical pink room.

Our daughter travelled to Australia three years ago and stayed with Diane, Gary and the children. She reported back to us that Isabella is a lovely seven year old girl, very clever and very aware. Her stammer went completely, three days after they left our home in England, never to return. A young mother shouting at her young daughter would seem like a very ordinary everyday occurrence. But this had caused her little girls aura to be shocked, which in turn transferred into a physical problem for her, a stammer. If we as mothers are honest, I'm sure most of us at some time or another have done exactly the same thing, shouted at our children. Hopefully we didn't cause them any damage, but the problem is, sometimes we don't know what damage we might have caused. This should be a lesson for all mothers everywhere, take care when handling our children, take great care. I felt after they left that the Universal energy had brought them to us, to enable me to work with little Isabella, allowing the wonderful healing energy that flows through me, to heal her.

This was one of the many times over the years that I have remembered back to receiving help when I needed it. My prayer on that day was, one day I will be able to lift someone's cares away for them as someone had lifted mine..."

Isabella Clarence
Author of
'Different?...You Have Always Been Different'

Different?...You Have Always Been Different is set between 1964 and 1992 telling the remarkable tale of triumph over an illness that the medical profession has no cure for, but Isabella found her own cure with the help of a very special lady. By facing and releasing many long buried hurts and fears that had haunted her for years, she was able to move her life forward and rebalance herself. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions, taking you on a journey through thirty years of her life, told as if you were walking each step beside her. She guides you through each of the lessons that she had to learn to become healed, allowing her to become the respected healer she is today. She also weaves with great ease into her tale some very special 'out of this world' journeys she has taken, 'spirit' encounters and 'miracles' that she been 'instrumental' in enabling. Clarence isn't exaggerating; the book has garnered rave reviews.

Isabella Clarence is grounded in the everyday issues of family life. But she will tell you that it is within the framework of the family, that many of our lessons are learnt. She says she never stops learning herself, when it comes to the many ups and downs we all encounter as we go through life. She has been a woman in business, she has experienced loss and divorce. She has made her own mistakes along the way and has endured the pain and confusion of suffering herself, when at a young age she was diagnosed with a serious illness. A life less ordinary because of the gift she possesses, but a difficult life nonetheless.

"Different?...You Have Always Been Different"
by Isabella Clarence
Published June 21, 2014
230 pages

© Copyright 2002-2014 by Magic City Morning Star

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