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Last Updated: Jan 21, 2015 - 8:21:48 AM 

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An Olympic wrestler, his Czech girlfriend, and research for my first novel
By John Dial
Jan 21, 2015 - 8:21:50 AM

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As a new writer beginning a first book, my intent was to create a super-human male character with a combative background. His especial prowess would be both physical and mental. Initially I searched my own memory, and narrowed the search to an Olympic athlete, and then to an Olympic wrestler.

The information search then shifted to the Internet. A search of Olympic wrestlers brought the country Bulgaria to the forefront. Bulgaria is noted for producing strongmen. Pursuing the words Bulgaria and Bulgarian government, the Bulgarian mafia surfaced. I began a lengthy search of the political history and the interrelated birth of the Bulgarian mafia following the collapse of communism.

From these searches, I created a mafia assassin named Stefon Slavov. Following a public assassination, Stefon flees Bulgaria and changes his name to Branimir Korda, a Czechoslovakian. Branimir and his Czech girlfriend escape to the US and take residence in New Jersey.

The creation of a second super-human character took a very different course. This character was a native of Georgia, my home state. His name is Sammy Borden. Sammy evolved from incidents of my own past involving me and other real-life people.

A chance rendezvous of Branimir's son Andrei and Sammy Borden at a marine corps training facility in North Carolina establishes a bond between the New Jersey and Georgia families. In real life, I was a participant in a similar event at the same facility fifty years earlier.

I found the research and creation of the book fascinating and thoroughly satisfying. My goal was to contrive an entertaining story for the enjoyment of a reader, and early feedback is that I have achieved at least a partial success.

John Dial
Author of "Choices of Power"

John Dial is a former manager and engineer with over eighteen years of schooling. He's used both life experiences and research to create this fictional novel. The characters and story in this book emerged from a combination of real life and ingenuity occurring over the past half century. In net effect, it is a work of pure fiction. Living in retirement in Georgia, he had the time to conceive and pen this story. It is his sincerest hope that readers will find it entertaining.

  • Along with the fall of communism in 1989 came the Bulgarian mafia, which has lasted into the 21st century. Olympic sportsmen, mostly wrestlers, formed the fraternity, which is presumed responsible for more than 150 contract killings, one as recent as January 2013. From that piece of history, John Dial has created a story of redemption starting with a well-known Olympic wrestler who assassinates the Bulgarian Defense Minister and including a New Jersey drug smuggler, a Columbian cocaine cartel, a motorcycle gang, an amateur boxer, and a barroom brawler. (Read the Overview and Free Preview at Balboa Press)

"Choices of Power"
By John H. Dial
Balboa Press
Published 9/16/2014
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1975-3
260 Pages
Softcover $18
Hardcover $36
e-book $4

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