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A Year of Feasting
By Sonya Mozingo
Nov 20, 2014 - 7:15:30 AM

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My marriage was a wreck. I had been struggling with family issues for 23 years. My life was crumbling around me and my family was falling apart.

While at home alone, desperate and at the brink of making wrong decisions, I walked through the den to find the T.V. on and turned to a Christian station, which I don't remember turning on. Reverend Larry Huch was on, speaking about the Biblical topic of generational blessings and iniquities that can be passed down through the third and fourth generation.

He perfectly described the symptoms of my family's problems, which stopped me in my tracks. I purchased his book and began applying the principals through prayer over my family and myself. The atmosphere in our house began to change in days to come. It was like layers of an onion peel being removed. Subtle, but enough to know things were becoming different. God delivered me from lustful thoughts and emotions at a revival I attended, as I was on a mission for happiness.

He was working on my husband as well. Although we are both Christians and very involved in church, we still struggled with issues. Somehow one might think, just because you have the title of Christian attached to you that you are exempt from problems. This is most definitely not so.

My husband struggled with controlling his anger. One Sunday morning, while at church, God started dealing with him as well. He became so troubled, that he left to go back home. He started crying out to God. He couldn't cope any longer. He ask God to take this feeling away. As he was praying, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a "black thing" leave his body and vanish away.

He said he felt 100 pounds lighter. He is not the same man. God gave me a completely new and wonderful husband. His changes were so profound that people around us knew something was different. Our children also recognized the changes, which in turn have led to healing in their lives. God is still working on our family and I fully expect to see a complete recovery, as God does not do anything half way.

It was not a coincidence that I then picked up a second book of Larry Huch, "The Torah Blessing," which ignited my spirit on the feasts of God. I had never been taught about the feasts of God, although it has always been right there in full view in the Bible.

God started revealing to me his plan for my life. He had set my family free, but like the Israelite people coming out of bondage in Egypt, we had no idea what to do next. God started teaching me and revealing his plans and design for mankind that would last the entire year. It was his plan of salvation.

The Hebrew word for salvation is "sozoed." Meaning continually saved, continually prosperous, healed and redeemed. Salvation is an ongoing process. In Genesis, the Bible says God created the moon and the seasons for "signs." Seasons in Hebrew does not just mean winter, spring, summer or fall. In this context, it is referring to special and appointed days that God has set in place. His holidays, if you will, to remember what he has done in the past and is going to do in the future. It involves seasons of blessing, favor and prosperity for his people, a time of making us aware of sin and pride and their effects. A season of repentance from things that have happened during the year that if not dealt with, could cause bitterness, anger and open doors for Satan to bring sickness, depression and bondage into our lives.

It is a time of bringing our offerings so God can return them back to us. God's year always begins with forgiveness, a clean slate, and a joyous new beginning! The Bible says that these feasts are a rehearsal of what is to come; and I believe is likely to occur in the very near future. As you align yourself with God`s blueprint and plan for your life, I believe you are adding an umbrella of protection. "A Year of Feasting" is a manual, designed to demonstrate how to participate in God's feasts so that you too, can experience blessing, favor and the richness of God as I believe I have.

Sonya Mozingo
Author of
"A Year of Feasting"

Sonya Mozingo operates Sound of Joy Ministries. Her family saved by the principles she shares in "A Year of Feasting," they continue to celebrate the feasts together at Sonya's home near Raleigh, North Carolina.

"A Year of Feasting"
By Sonya A. Mozingo
ISBN: 978-1-4808-0653-5
Softcover: $14.99

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