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Eyes in the Woods

Brookfield, the Enron of Maine, Staying Within Their Own Business Model
By Eyes in the Woods
Mar 13, 2009 - 1:33:19 AM

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Millinocket takes mill owner to task over electricity sales (Bangor Daily Tabloid)

The people of the Katahdin region must stand up and say enough is enough.

Actual Statements:

  • Remember, its only business!
  • Rates are this way because we are the only game in town, and we can.
  • If they want a fight, we'll bury that little town.

Just a side note: Brookfield's BS mantra of staying within their own business model really falls apart when you look at all of their holdings...

I for one hold no warm and fuzzy feelings for those that would stick it to a depressed community. There is no excuse for charging the highest rates in the country during an economic crunch. They stuck it to a struggling community that had to offer up an unprecedented TIF in return to keep the jobs. They say it's not their business model; then why did they take it on to begin with---- oh right, the power- but then doesn't that show a preconceived plan on their part to subvert the power, and water in the first place.

This is not without history; just Google these shysters, and you will see that they have a long history of doing this in Canada. Look at the names associated with them, both in the US and Canada, and see the devastation left in their wake.

One would have to have lived in a hole to think that the Chinese are anything but nice to their workers. In fact it has been shown that near slave conditions have been the building blocks of China. Equally as low are those that would have profited from this type of human suffering- much like: Brookfield Renewable Power Chairman Edward Kress SEC Filings include a portfolio with listings including, but not limited to: the Bank of China, Beijing Capital, Cheung Kong Holdings Hong Kong, China Construction Bank Corporation, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd., China Railway Group limited.

* China Construction Bank Corporation: recipient of US loan made possible from Bank of America through its own US bailout funds... You know, our own money!?!?!?!

Wonder how the stock holders will react when Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, MADRE, Human Rights First, the ACLU, or any number of American Labor groups gets wind of what they have been up to, and the little town that said NO More.
Just watch that Blood Stock plummet even further!

These pillars of the business community have sucked Millinocket for what's it worth, and much like our politicians buggered off, and left us to fend for ourselves.

Brookfield has proven to be a soul crushing, family displacing, indentured servitude task-master, but I can guarantee you- they have underestimated the prepared commitment of this mill town in the woods.

Katahdin mill to recall some of 140 idled paper workers (March 7th Bangor Daily Tabloid)

I'll give the devil some credit for keeping his word, but most agree, it's a little too little to late.

One dullard actually blames these tireless workers for not preparing for the future, and refers to them as losers for not seeking other employment. Hmmmmmmm, guess that rocket scientist hasn't been watching the news lately; there isn't anything out there, Jack!

This call back comes on the heels of the Millinocket Town Council publicly B-Slapping the Brookfield Boys in Augusta on March 5th of this month. We have turned on the war machine in response to Brookfield's actions, and we are prepared for a long fight if necessary.

It's going to take a substantial near-term selfless action on their part to stave off what has already started.

But hey - why should they care, they can always bury this little town ya know!

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Brookfield, the Enron of Maine, Staying Within Their Own Business Model

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