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Valentine's Day Test: Which is the Least Known Famous Kiss?
By R.P. BenDedek
Feb 13, 2014 - 12:02:23 AM

Who is this woman and why is this kiss famous?

Here are a few kisses that are famous:

  1. The first movie kiss EVER was in 1896 in the movie ironically titled, The Kiss
  2. 1926 Don Juan holds the record for most kisses ever in a single movie
  3. The most famous kissing scene is usually accredited to 1953 From Here to Eternity
  4. The greatest age difference for a kiss was in 1971 Harold & Maude

But which famous kiss is not well known? That kiss is the one between former Egyptian movie start Mona Fuad and her co-star. It was the first "on-screen kiss" in an Arabic film. This kiss forever changed the Arabic culture. Public affection between a man and woman was not only discouraged but almost forbidden at the time.

Mona Fuad was an Egyptian movie star during 1940s Egypt and later in America she continued her film career in such things as 'The Ten Commandments' and 'The Spy.'

Of that Egyptian movie kiss Mona said:

"After releasing the movie, we were afraid that riots and outrage would take place over our on-screen kiss. Thankfully, viewers were more receptive to it than we expected yet it didn't come without some serious criticism."

Mona Fuad was born in Alexandria, Egypt and, at age 16, won a national beauty contest and would go on to become a future Miss Egypt. Her career then turned to film and she appeared in both Egyptian and American films. She speaks six languages and lives in the U.S. where she founded the first acrylic nail salon in Dallas.

Mona recently published a novel titled: 'Cairo Unzipped' which was reviewed here at Magic City on January 17, 2014 by Martha Stevens-David.

The novel based in Egypt in the early 1940's amidst the turmoil of the 2nd World War. All of Europe is teaming with one disaster after another and as the war expands, Egypt is inundated with people trying to escape persecution and death by the Nazis. This story focuses on Layla, a young girl and what happens to her and her friend as they struggle to survive in a war-torn country.

According to our reviewer:

  • The Author, Mona Faud, did not hide anything when it came to relating what women had to endure in order to survive in a land where men were all powerful and controlling.

R.P. BenDedek

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