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The Future of Morning Star News
By Editorial Staff
Apr 1, 2010 - 8:19:29 AM

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As readers are aware, Ken Anderson, the owner and Editor of Magic City Morning Star News has been away from his post 'resting and recuperating' for the last 9 months. Numerous writers have written to yours truly to inquire why Ken has been away so long, and why he doesn't answer his emails.

Because of a recent string of emails from a variety of people who somehow have discovered the real reason that Ken is away, and are threatening to reveal publically the reasons, it has become necessary to first make the announcement here at Magic City Morning Star News.

Magic City Morning Star News is just a 'blip' on the rader screen when it comes to local online newspapers in Maine, but it has something that makes it very valuable - a name and internet presence.

For that reason, an offer was made to Ken which he found he could not refuse. Magic City Morning Star News has been sold. Ken, tired as he is from trying to compete with other local newspapers like the Bangor daily, finally agreed to sell Magic City Morning Star News to me and my publishing company. The financial transaction was completed quite some time ago.

The intended future of Magic City News is to gradually gather together numerous writers, about 100 in all, who will write on a broad spectrum of topics. Eventually there will be a 'facelift', giving the paper a 'new look', and eventually a name change.

What many people don't understand about the internet, is that any website presence goes further than the local area. Another thing that people don't realise, is that quite often the 'major players' in the internet world can find themselves 'blocked' in such countries as China.

Smaller organisations - not blogs - do a much better job of disseminating news and information.

As for local Maine news, Morning Star News will still fulfill it's obligation to provide what it can. Furthermore, for the last 6 months I have had one of my American relatives in place in Maine, recruiting a variety of potential future journalists for the undertaking which is planned to commence soon.

Additionally, negotiations are under way and arrangements are being made to provide Morning Star News with access to syndicated columns which will immediately increase our exposure, and provide us with the venue to syndicate our own columns.

In all it is quite an exciting adventure. The initial outlay - purchasing the Maine Star News, is negligible. As time goes on, more capital will be expended to change and expand the ability of the Newspaper to provide high quality and in-depth social, religious, political, economic and scientific articles and reviews.

None of this of course really matters to the readers in Millinocket or Maine at large. They will just notice a series of minor changes over time and will just get used to the new paper.

Why the secret? Because the whole thing needed to be kept secret while certain legal matters were concluded in regard to foreign ownership of a newspaper operating out of the state. Secondly, the last thing that I wanted was resistance from local newspapers who might have understood the implications and attempted to thwart my plans.

So there you have it. Ken is not in Jail. He is not ill. He is not divorced. He has not become lazy leaving the work to the stupid foreigner. He has sold the Newspaper.

If you want to know more about the future of Magic City Morning Star News, feel free to ask Ken. He can now tell you. Or, you can talk to me in person. I will be in Millinocket this afternoon at around 3pm.

It has been a tiring couple of days for me as I traveled from Moscow to Texas, then on to Los Angelos, up to Milwaukee, over to Boston, down to Dallas, then up to Portland in Maine. Now I am on the road headed to Millinocket.

I'll be tired, but anyone who wants to talk to me about the new plans, just call Ken. I'll be phoning him when I am an hour from town and we will make arrangement to meet. You can join us.

Hopefully, April 1st 2010 will be a turning point in the Newspapers history and put Millinocket on the Map.

See you this afternoon y'all.

For more information

Yes! This was an April Fool's Day joke

R.P. BenDedek.

© Copyright 2002-2014 by Magic City Morning Star

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