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People in Glass Houses
By John J. Walsh
Dec 7, 2010 - 12:17:49 AM

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There's an old Irish sayin (all old sayins are Irish don't ye know), that people in glass houses oughtn't te be throwin stones, and I guess from the latest news that the sayin applies just as well to those in Crystal Cathedrals.

I'm not sure when this little scribblin is goin to get published, but it was just today that I learned about the sacrilegious spendin of the good Reverend Schuller's church funds, at a time when the church had a duty in the eyes of the Blessed Savior and the law of the land, to pay his creditors.

Well now I wonder if the good reverend ever says the 'Our Father', particularly the part about 'forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors'. That is one helluva debt the man has, and sure he must be when he prays that he has never held anyone's debt over their head, for the Good Lord himself will be sayin, 'I forgive as much as ye yerself did and no more!'

Now indulge me for a moment here and let me tell ye a little story, and a true one at that, of a time in me life when I was still quite young and still living in that lucky country, the great south land - Australia.

Bein a good Catholic as I am, to be sure to be sure, I'm not one for stickin me nose into the goins on in assemblies of our (Catholic) poorer cousins, but I have to confess that there was a time when I used to watch the good reverend's weekly services on the telly, and quite religiously so I might add.

I loved the way he would say: 'When the goin gets tough the tough get goin' and sure to his word it seems that he is doin just that. (Forgive me father for I have sinned, for I didn't mean to write that, it just sorta slipped out.)

What I was meanin to say was that I absolutely loved the services and the sayins and the singin and so for quite some time I would make a point to sit and watch the program. And I have to tell ye that there was this one time, on the Fourth of July of some year, when durin the service, they sang the National Anthem as the flag was unfurled, and it moved me heart somethin ferocious.

It was a hard thing to keep me breathin going as tears welled up into me eyes. Never have I been so moved by such glitz and glamour. I swear to the Lord Almighty that it would have been a difficult thing for any man to be convinced at that time, that I meself was anythin but a proud American.

Well of course I finally moved myself to the good old USA, but not because of the Rev and his Crystal Cathedral, and maybe someday I might even write about that in detail.

I think if any heretic could have convinced me to convert from the Mother Church, it would have been Rev Schuller. And thanks be to God that I didn't eh? After readin the shockin details of how the good reverend turned out to be no more godly than the basest businessman or skillful thief, I can't help but feel brokenhearted for all those lost souls who put their trust in the 'Man' and his religion.

Sure it is that the Mother Church herself has suffered perilously in times past by the hands of ungodly shepherds, and we must be forgivin of the misdeeds of such sinners, but in a time as we are, when the Christian faith is under such attack, news of the reverend's 'inappropriate' and nepotistic financial dealins [to put it politely], together with the hardship that so many will suffer because of the poor stewardship of the shepherd, will surely add just another faggot to the fire of all those who would like to see God and his kingdom burn in hell.

Oh what tears there will be in the hearts of so many who put their faith in this man. And isn't that what the Holy Book exactly warns us about?

Every man is a sinner and not one is righteous. Trust in the Lord your God with all your might and put no confidence in the flesh. Many will come in the Blessed Savior's name to fleece the sheep, but who among them are true shepherds of the flock? Is there not just the One who can be trusted?

May the Lord be merciful unto the reverend Schuller, and not let him fall into the hands of his creditors or the hands of those whose faith will now be shattered.

When the eagle shall nest in the hollow glen
When mountain and fen shall from mists be free
When the priests shall no longer for gold be seeking
The crow shall be speaking as plain as we

John J. Walsh

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John J. Walsh, a Catholic, is originally from Ireland; went to high school and university in Australia, and later moved to the U.S.A. Fearing the hot blooded protestants and not wanting to reach heaven or hell faster than is God's plan, his personal email address and other particulars are not available for publication. You may however Email him at: johnjwalsh_magic

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