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New book to reveal what New Yorkers think about God
By Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign
Nov 15, 2014 - 3:25:22 AM

New, York, NY -- A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for God in New York, a new book by New Yorker and technology entrepreneur Rikki Tahta, is now live at Tahta travelled across the five boroughs and asked 200 New Yorkers of different religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds what they really think and feel about God. Do they or do they not believe in a higher power? If so, how do they feel the presence of a higher power in their everyday lives? In a city where everybody has an opinion on everything, his findings are fascinating.

The choice of interview subjects was based on the demographics of the last census, creating an accurate statistical representation of New York City today.

"I pulled together a collection of individual stories to create a holistic view of the city's relationship with the divine. I set out with no direction and no theory to prove," said Tahta. "I don't, myself, fit neatly into the doctrines of any single religion, but I do believe in a god. I thought it would be interesting to hear what other people thought. If it's the same god that touches all of us and is revealed within us all, maybe there's something important to be learned from listening to others."

"These short stories convey the city's relationship with, rejection of, or ambivalence about, the divine," added Tahta. "Approximately 70% of the interview subjects reach out to some form of the divine, but only 36% would be called active members of an organized faith. Almost a third of the subjects believe in something, but reject organized religion. That is a lot of people searching on their own."

God in New York, will be available as a hardcover and an e-book and includes the text of 80 of Tahta's interviews. The e-book will also feature audio clips of the subjects, creating a more vivid profile.

People interested in supporting the publishing and distribution of God in New York can do so by donating at For a $10 contribution, a supporter can receive an e-book of God in New York. A physical copy of the book can be had with a $15 donation or more. For $30, donors will also be acknowledged as a supporter and credited in the book.

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