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Mother Daughter Duo No. 1 for "Divinicus Nex Chronicles"
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Nov 12, 2014 - 7:15:50 AM

Demons At Deadnight, Book 1 of the "Divinicus Nex Chronicles" blasted onto Amazon and created an enormous buzz in Teen Paranormal Fiction, launching the book into the #1 Bestseller on the site in the genre. With the advent of Book #2 in the series, Drop Dead Demons is set to surpass the success of the first book, firmly ensconcing Alyssa & Eileen Kirk among the most sought after teen fiction writers in the United States.

The Los Angeles based Mother/Daughter Author dynamic duo never anticipated writing novels together. "It's pretty funny the looks we get when we tell people we're a writing team" says Alyssa. "First, they're surprised we even get along. Second, most Moms and Daughters who do, get mani-pedi's and share the latest gossip. Not us. We talk about what we're going to blow up next, how to get the hot guys' shirts off, and the best method for battling psychotic supernatural creatures. All in our fictitious world, of course. "

When asked if they argue over how a particular book should be written, they just smile and Eileen quips "Well, we don't fight really...we discuss."

Based on the success of their first two novels, the duo has a methodology that by all accounts is firing on all pistons.  The Divinicus Nex Chronicles centers around 17-year-old Aurora Lahey who has what is arguably the crappiest superpower on the planet. Tracking demons. Not surprisingly, the hellions want her dead. The good news? To survive, she needs the help of the Hex Boys, six guys so hot fans have dubbed them "the reason earth's average temperature has risen." But they're notorious for their trail of destruction, and as with all hunky guys, come replete with dangerous secrets and suspicious motives. While Aurora battles to save her family-- and the world--from demonic domination, she's forced to reveal her own dark secrets, which may cost her her very life.

The dynamic duo is currently at work on Book #3 in the planned five part series that combines thrilling action, steamy romance, and laugh out loud humor in an irresistible mix never before seen on the Young Adult fiction stage.

Alyssa loves animals (the family currently has two dogs, a cat, and a horse), anime, music, and action packed movies, plays board games, watches too much TV about supernatural beings and starring hot guys (preferably shirtless), and adores carbs so forces herself to exercise. Usually with her "little" brother, the 6'2", 4% body fat, totally ripped, 48 beats-per-minute resting heart rate, way-too-into fitness, soccer superstar -- yeah, she hates that about him too.

Eileen loves much of the same stuff (other than anime, although she does enjoy the one where the characters often say, in a highly dramatic voice, "Dammit!"), has been married to the same guy for 25 years (prefers him shirtless), raised (barely survived) three crazy and adorable children, and loves to cook (mostly things with chocolate).

Editorial Comment:

For a lot more information Check out the "aekirk" website which contains a wealth of information and includes a video presentation on the opening page. R.P. BenDedek

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