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Family Therapy
By Veonne Howell
Oct 24, 2014 - 6:35:38 AM

My husband and I have recently sprouted two new appendages--a smart phone and a laptop. Our family bonding time has been dealt a cruel blow by these gadgets which, ironically, were designed to help us escape the office--only now the office follows us everywhere we go!

We need help. We need family therapy. How can we unplug, escape, and find a safe, quiet harbor of tranquility for our family?

Enter Velvet and Angel, our dogs. Velvet is our black miniature schnauzer and Angel is our cream-colored golden doodle. Lately they have become so entertaining to us that we find ourselves drawn away from our gadgets (as if by some powerful magnetic force) to watch them trotting gleefully around the house.

We even find ourselves (children included) frolicking about in the back yard with them. They draw us into their playful shenanigans. They force us to stop, enjoy the brilliant autumn leaves, soak up some much-needed sunshine, and giggle like we did back in kindergarten, when life was simple, slow, and carefree.

Thank you, Velvet and Angel, for gently and playfully reminding me, "Hey what your family really needs."

Veonne Howell
Author of Velvet Learns a Lesson"

Veonne Howell
is a mother and teacher who has worked professionally with young people of all ages for two decades.

"Velvet Learns a Lesson"
By Veonne Howell
Life Rich Publishing
Published 7/14/2014
ISBN: 978-1-4897-0244-9
24 pages
Softcover $13
Casebound $23

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