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Why most singles choose wrongly.
By Hellen Chen PR
Jul 14, 2014 - 12:12:39 AM

Marriage Expert Hellen Chen helps couples and singles to learn how to make a relationship last at her love seminar
A recent survey of dating agencies owners revealed this trend: single men or women tend to go from date to date and yet unable to settle down on one person. Their most common problem is, "I have not found the right one."

Annette C has been in the education field for several years. Not wanting to spend time dating without getting married, she signed up for a few singles events to look for someone special. Her experience has been frustrating. Annette said, "It seemed many guys I met at these dating events are 'veterans' in the game of dating. Some have even hired dating coaches to teach them what to say and how to express themselves during dates. But I feel they are looking at some kind of 'perfect woman' which unfortunately I simply do not fit."

US bestselling author and relationship master Hellen Chen has been approached by singles wanting her matchmaking help with their lists of "criteria" the future partner must fulfilled.

"They would like someone to 'wow' them -- sweep them off their feet so to speak. But sadly, they have never thought about what would happen after they get married." Chen said. "They forget that a person is not a piece of real estate where you look at how nice it is, and how much it is worth. A person can change, can argue and can have upsets."

Last year, Chen released her new book "Hellen Chen's Love Seminar," following the success of her previous #1 bestselling marriage book "the Matchmaker of the Century."

The book also subsequently reached the Barnes and Noble bestselling list for the #1 dating, romance and marriage book.

In a chapter "Do you want a good husband or a playboy?" Chen wrote, "Those people who put looks as the top criterion in their search for a marriage partner often have a serious misconception about marriage."

Chen explained, "Singles who insist on that perfect person unfortunately often end up in regrets. Their marriage becomes miserable. This is like not knowing how to drive and yet one insists on driving the best car. First, you are going nowhere and second, an accident is what will ensue."

Chen has been holding love workshops in Los Angeles and in Asia to train singles on how to select their match and how to maintain a lasting marriage.

"I am not advocating not dressing up or looking presentable or striving for financial success." Chen continued, "The key questions are: do you want a long lasting happy marriage? Or do you want a short-lived heartbreaking dating game? The things you place emphasis on in a relationship will make a big difference in its outcome."

Thomas A, a successful sales professional, met the unorthodox matchmaker Chen, after 10 years spent in the dating game.

Together with Chen, he sat himself down to sort out what he was looking for.

"I found out that the criteria I were so concerned about had nothing to do with whether my relationship would last. Sad to say, I have wasted 10 years, going in and out of relationships with 3 different women. At the end, my goal of having a family was set back 10 years, and never mind my bitterness on the failures." said Thomas.

Chen helped Thomas to narrow down the criteria that matter to him and he soon met his current wife with Chen's recommendation. He is now a happy father of two.

Chen, who is also a three times #1 bestselling author, has written 25 books on the subject of relationships and her marriage principles have been featured in over 200 media publications in 20 countries.

She will be arriving in Los Angeles on July 19th to deliver a love workshop at the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel for married couples and also for singles. This is her 7th workshop in Los Angeles. For more info, visit:

Hellen Chen has been a frequent guest with FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS TV and radio networks.

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