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Ten questions to ask yourself in times of grief
By Christian Saade
May 18, 2014 - 1:12:30 AM

Ten questions to ask yourself in times of grief that will guide you in birthing a vision from the pain of your loss and your grief.

It will be very helpful for you to journal your responses to these questions. You might want to revisit your responses and expand on them over time. As you engage in that process you will come to see clearer the calling unfolding out of your grieving heart. Be gentle with yourself as you do this. You will be inspired step by step. There is no need to force the process or rush to get answers. The path you are on is worthy. Walk it your way and with a great deal of self-care, self-respect and soulful tenderness.

1) What deeper truths of authenticity are you discovering about yourself?

2) Did your sense of heart empathy grow? How and for whom?

3) Who were the people who supported you and soothed your grief? How did they touch you?

4) How is your sense of solidarity and justice expanding?

5) What are the gifts emerging from your grief? What gift have you received through your grief that meant a lot to you?

6) What is it that you felt and saw through your grief that you came to know only through your tears?

7) What passion is being born through your grief?

8) Who are the people who are suffering like you and how can your experience help them?

9) If you believed you could make a difference in the world because of all that you went through, what would you do?

10) How can you help others in a way congruent with your heart's desire and that will also give you great joy?

Chris Saade
Co-Author of 7-Step Model of Heart-Centered Grief

Christian Saade
of The Respite: A Centre for Grief & Hope worked as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice specializing in grief, depression and life calling. He is now teaching and writing. He has lead over 200 psychological and spiritual retreats and also continues to serve as a spiritual Coach for individuals, couples and groups. Saade, along with Respite co-founder Mandy Eppley, has been speaking about creating a tangible process with practical tools that validates grief and provides support through it. Through this shared passion, they created this 7-Step process, The Model of Heart-Centered Grief, available through DVD and online streaming.

Through the program, which is currently available on DVD and through streaming access on a donation-only basis, they encourage individuals through their uniquely designed series of personal coaching sessions to embrace this process as an opportunity for personal growth and exploration.

7-Step Model of Heart-Centered Grief
by Mandy Eppley and Chris Saade

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