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Season 7 of Israel: The Prophetic Connection
By C4i America
Dec 20, 2015 - 3:20:34 AM

Pittsburgh, Pa. (Dec. 18, 2015) -- The seventh season of Israel: The Prophetic Connection covers the most talked about topic in the Bible -- the end times. Revelation Revealed examinesthe Book of Revelation and its prophetic themes and apocalyptic imagery.

Rev. Dr. John Tweedie, Chairman of C4I Canada and President/CEO of C4I America, is the on-screen host for the controversial and intriguing topic of end times over a total span of 26 weeks:

"The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ may be perhaps the most difficult to understand, yet it may just be the most important," said Tweedie. "Revelation is the only book in the Bible in which the contents were revealed by the Risen Christ."

The show gives an overview of the prophetic future through the eyes of John the Apostle, to whom Christ appeared. John was directed to write and record what he saw and heard as reflected in the profound, if difficult to understand, Book of Revelation.

For additional information on Israel: The Prophetic Connection or C4I, visit the C4I America website at and C4I Canada website at

Israel: The Prophetic Connection is currently airing on the following stations:

  • Bible Discovery TV: Web Broadcast
  • Cornerstone TeleVision (CTVN): Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • KCHF: Albuquerque, N.M.
  • LightSource: Web Broadcast
  • NRB Network: National (DIRECTV)
  • WATC: Atlanta, Ga.
  • WCLF: Tampa, Fla.
  • WFGC: Palm Beach, Fla.
  • WHMB: Indianapolis, Ind.
  • WLMB: Toledo, Ohio
  • WTGL: Orlando, Fla.
  • YES-TV (CITS): Burlington, Ont.
  • Daystar Canada: Toronto, Ont.
  • Vision (Zoomer) Television: Toronto, Ont.

Israel: The Prophetic Connection; Revelation Revealed explores the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book in the Christian Bible. Season 7 offers a sequential, episode by chapter analysis of Revelation's primary themes under the title Revelation Revealed. The series runs for a total of 26 consecutive weeks through March, 2016.

Rev. Dr. John Tweedie was born in Northern Ireland, U.K., and immigrated to Canada in 1967 and has since served congregations in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. In 1997 he helped to establish C4i Canada where he continues to serve as Chairman. In 2012, an American sister C4i branch was established with Dr. Tweedie serving as President and CEO. In 1988, Dr. Tweedie was also instrumental in the establishment of New Covenant Christian Fellowship in Brantford, Ontario, a congregation he served as Senior Pastor until his retirement in June, 2015. This step has allowed Dr. Tweedie to devote his full time and attention to the urgent, if prophetic, message and mission of C4i, and as reflected through his work on the program Israel: The Prophetic Connection, his writings, and two earlier acclaimed television documentaries about Israel that aired internationally under the titles Israel: A Journey Through Time and Israel: A Journey of Light. Pat Boone, lyricist and singer, has strongly endorsed both series.

C4I America is a ministry striving to communicate a biblical worldview of God's plan for Israel and the Church. It demonstrates compassion for the Jewish people by expressing love in action through its support of a number of registered Israeli charities, including Vision for Israel (The Joseph Storehouse), Meir Panim, ALEH, Children of Sderot, The Jaffa Institute, and Kehilat HaCarmel. C4i's educational initiatives include Israel: The Prophetic Connection, a bi-monthly newsletter, DVD series productions, and the television series Israel: The Prophetic Connection hosted by C4I America President and CEO, Rev. Dr. John Tweedie. C4I America is a sister branch of C4I Canada. Learn more by visiting

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