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No Diplomas Are Given For Learning These Lessons
By Ms Yin Chew Media Relations
May 23, 2014 - 7:20:17 AM

Author Hellen Chen
What Schools Don't Teach You: the 10 Most Important Lessons for Life is the title of the latest book from bestselling author Hellen Chen.

Chen, who has written 22 books so far, has frequently traveled around the world as a management consultant, a speaker and a trainer to work with CEOs, executives and individuals to help them solve workplace and personal problems.

Chen has also worked closely with many young people and she finds a vast majority of college students do not know the purpose of going to college.

"It seems they are going to college because their peers are going. Or their parents expect them to go. They do not know what they would like to get out from college other than having a diploma which they hope can open doors for them later." said Chen.

In her new book M/s Chen wrote:

  • "Ever since I was young, I was never quite a student of books. But I am a student of life itself and the many people who teach me valuable lessons have been my friends, staff, customers, my husband, my parents, and many wise people who share their pearls of wisdom with me. I hope the lessons that matter in life can be shared. That's why I write this book."

Chen's last 2 book releases "Matchmaker of the Century" and "Hellen Chen's Love Seminar" have both reached number one bestseller in relationships and marriage books at Barnes and Noble. Her real-life story of helping men and women who have had a hard time finding love was featured in a full-length documentary titled "Let's Fall in Love" -- the first ever documentary made on the subject of love itself.

Her new book "What Schools Don't Teach You: the 10 Most Important Lessons for Life" talks about the secrets on how to live a successful life, the skills one needs in order to win one's battle, the formula towards life success and stability -- all direct observations and experience from Chen's professional life.

Hellen Chen has been featured in over 200 media publications, TV and Radio networks including ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. Altogether, her expert views have appeared in news publication in over 20 countries.

Ms Yin Chew
Media Relations

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