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Navy reveals dozens of rare images
By Naval History Heritage Command
Apr 24, 2014 - 7:52:31 AM

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Navy's Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) is publishing a series of blogs and offering a selection of rare glass-plate Spanish-American War photos re-discovered in the command's photo archive earlier this year in honor of the 116th anniversary of the Spanish-American War the week of Apr. 25, 1898.

The blogs, cover the Spanish-American War, its military heroes, and its effect on America. Included will be a sneak peek at NHHC's Spanish American War collection of documents. Readers will also go behind the scenes into NHHC's photo archive to take a look at how the archivists are curating the century old glass plates to make them available for future generations.

Although the majority of the glass plate images are still being processed, the staff has processed and is posting 50 more rediscovered Spanish American photos.

These rare pictures offer a uniquely rich perspective in understanding the period, and it remains unknown how many of these images may have been published previously.

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