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Children's Book Basket Magic City (2)
By R.P. BenDedek
Jul 9, 2014 - 8:55:42 PM

On Sundays we publish the regular book basket which highlights (no more than 15) new book releases by providing publicity material sent by publicists.

It also features links to whatever articles book authors have sent in for publication that week, and additionally displays links to whatever book reviews have been published.

(No one at all at Magic City receives any financial gain from any of the services we provide in relation to new book releases or reviews.)

To ease pressure on the regular book basket, in March we inaugurated the 'Christian Book Basket Magic City' which is published perhaps twice a month on a Wednesday and in it we highlight whatever Christian books have come to our attention during the previous weeks.

As from June 18th 2014 we have a 'Children's Book Basket Magic City' and will probably only publish this book basket once a month. In this basket we will list promotional details for new book releases, and perhaps we might also list links to reviews that we have provided on previously listed children's books.

We offer all authors a "no-pay no-charge" self-promotions offer to provide 'stand alone' articles within which we will publish bios, book cover photographs and links to purchase pages for their book release.

This is not an offer to rehash publicity material, but to offer our readers something interesting to read. As we have no regular contributor to our Christianity section, Christian writers are welcome to write on any Christian topic.

Recent Book reviews of Children's Books

M. Stevens-David Review: "Travels with Gannon & Wyatt GREENLAND" by Patti Wheeler & Keith Hemstreet
Jul 8, 2014

The authors should be commended for their ability to write this beautiful, totally believeable story. I'm very pleased to say, I wasn't disappointed in any way. I loved the "sharing" of the story by the brothers and I loved the pictures/drawings of life in that far off frigid land and the descriptive phrases took you by the heart and hand, to a never, never land.

M. Stevens-David Review: "GO GREEN!" A Family guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle "Disney books"
Jul 8, 2014

This book will be enjoyed by children of all ages, their parents and grandparents. There is truly a "mark of genius" in this "Disney" publication because it deals with aspects of everyday life and life's problems and gives examples on how to achieve the "GO GREEN" goals that everyone can understand.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1


by Angel Berry

"Clouds" by Angel Berry
Angel Berry is no stranger to success and has already accomplished more than most adults. In April 2014, she published a children's book called "Ladybug" which was chosen by Scott Baio to be included for a fundraiser for the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation.

"Clouds" is a delightful story with colorful and bright illustrations attractive to very young readers. A little girl embraces the clouds in conversation and at the end declares them "friends for life." "Clouds" is endearing and very sweet for the 0-3 age group with enticing photos for the developmental ages. Berry explains the inspiration for the book, "My fascination with looking for pictures in clouds is still some thing I do everyday. It takes me away in time. As a child we like to play make believe and I wanted to share this with other children." Berry released the accompanying mp3 to "Clouds" in May 2014. Listen to Clouds here: A music video for the song will be released in late July 2014.

In 2013, Berry signed with multi-platinum music producer, Andrew Lane, and partnered with him to write and produce a CD of the spoken word genre based upon her poems. Recently, Berry and Lane collaborated on a song dedicated to those who suffered from damage sustained in the recent tsunami in the Philippines. The song is called "Strong." Her music video "Today I Learned" was just published and has garnered over 35,000 views on YouTube. Berry recently appeared on CityTV Calgary to promote her books and her spoken word debut CD release later in 2014 and was also the cover of Avant Garde Magazine in February 2014.

Andrew Lane is a pop/hip-hop/R&B songwriter and music producer who has worked with artists such as the Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara. As a producer and songwriter, Lane has received gold and platinum accreditations for his work with R&B artists Keith Sweat, Speech and Mary J. Blige. He was also a major contributor to the platinum-accredited records High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Disneymania. Lane also won a Billboard Award in 2012. For more information on Andrew Lane, please visit

Official Web Site:

No. 2.

Travels with Gannon & Wyatt

By Patti Wheeler & Keith Hemstreet

"Greenland" Gannon and Wyatt by Wheeler and Helmstreet
GREENLAND, is the newest addition to the award-winning Travels with Gannon & Wyatt adventure series for middle-grade readers. It will be out this fall (October) but can be pre-ordered at Amazon. It is written by well-known philanthropist and Aspen-native, Patti Wheeler, and the series has even recently been praised by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Martha Stevens- David reviewed Greenland July 8, 2014, and Milt Gross reviewed the first three books on February 16, 2014.

Upon arriving in Greenland, Gannon and Wyatt prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, a dogsled expedition in the Arctic! But before the explorers even crack a whip, they receive a desperate mayday call from an Inuit family that became stranded in the far north after their dogs developed a mysterious illness. Suddenly, Gannon and Wyatt's expedition to study climate change and Greenlandic culture turns into something far more dangerous, a mission to save lives!

Using the first-hand adventures of her twin boys, mom and author Patti Wheeler and co-author Keith Hemstreet developed the fictional adventure series in the tradition of the historic journals kept by explorers such as Lewis and Clark, Dr. David Livingstone, and Captain James Cook. The book series currently includes Botswana (June 2013), Great Bear Rainforest (Oct 2013), Egypt (Jan 2014), and Greenland (Oct 2014) with research taking place for works featuring adventures in Ireland, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, Iceland and the American West. The exciting fantasies, loosely based on the boys' actual encounters, are filled with exotic settings, high stakes adventure, and the magic of nature.

Patti and Keith, along with Gannon and Wyatt, are also co-founders of the Youth Exploration Society, a literacy non-profit that promotes a deeper understanding of world geography, cultures and the environment. Furthermore, the Travels with Gannon & Wyatt team has launched a one-for-one campaign. For every book sold, they will donate a book to a child. Their goal is to donate 10,000 books across the United States. For more information visit

"Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Greenland"
by by Patti Wheeler & Keith Hemstreet
Hardcover 176 Pages
Price $9.80
Series: Travels with Gannon and Wyatt
Greenleaf Book Group Press
To be published October 7, 2014
ISBN-10: 1626341206
ISBN-13: 978-1626341203

No. 3.

"The Elephant and the Stake"

By Joanne Belvedere

"The Elephant and the Stake" By Joanne Belvedere
MELBOURNE -- George Bernard Shaw once wrote, "I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them."

This is a theory that author Joanne Belvedere encourages children to take. She has come to realize that the majority of obstacles and limitations people of all ages face are self-induced.

Belvedere's new children's book, "The Elephant and the Stake," shares an Aesop-style fable of an elephant stuck in a home where she is forced to give tourists rides on her back. She never enjoyed this work and tried to break free of the stake that trapped her at a young age, but was unable to do so. As she got bigger she just assumed based on previous inability that she was unable to break free, but with encouragement from friends and a fresh attitude she reaches her goal.

"My main goal with this book is to help children become self-empowered from a young age," Belvedere said.

Aside from passing along the message of empowerment, Belvedere has designed the text of "The Elephant and the Stake" to be used as a tool for teaching kids to read. By incorporating alternate fonts and colors children are more easily able to pick out sentence structures and individual words.

Joanne Belvedere was a stay-at-home mom working one day a week when she decided she wanted to explore her creativity by taking a few classes at a local college. She took a creative writing course and rediscovered her passion for children's literature. She is an experienced primary school teacher who loves to spend her free time with her family.

"The Elephant and the Stake"
By: Joanne Belvedere
SC-ISBN: 978-1-4525-8916-9
SC-Retail price: $16.95
EB-ISBN: 978-1-4525-8917-6
EB-Retail price: $3.99

No. 4.

"Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom"

by Edward Moldenhauer

"Spin the Globe" by Edward Moldenhauer
FORT WORTH, Tx. -- Any dad knows the challenge of trying to come up with new bedtime stories for his children. After exhausting every variation of bunny, frog, knight and princess stories he could come up with, Edward Moldenhauer took notice of the globe on a dresser. He got the idea of asking his kids to help him with a story topic by spinning the globe. Edward's children would use their finger to stop the globe, and wherever their finger landed, their dad had to tell them an impromptu story about that particular country or area. And that's how the Frederick von Wigglebottom book series was born.

Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom is book series where Frederick is transported to a new and exciting country to explore in each edition. The first story of the series and takes place in Australia, the second one takes readers to Norway.

"My goal is to instill in young children the desire to learn and experience the many wonders of our world," says Moldenhauer. "Unfortunately, many children and adults will never be able realize or visit these locations in person, so this book can open their minds to new and exciting topics." Frederick is an avatar of Edward's son and serves as the focus for questions and interactions with the other two supportive characters. "I created Frederick and his adventures not only to entertain children but also to serve as an opportunity to broaden their horizons and be the catalyst for the child to ask follow-on questions to the reader to want to learn even more," Moldenhauer says. "Education is a wonderful thing, once you have it, no one can take it away from you."

Spin the Globe is a Trafford "Gold" book and received a "Recommended" certification by the US Review of Books.

Edward Moldenhauer is a retired United States Navy pharmacist and military intelligence analyst. While having been published in several professional journals and co-writing The History of Pharmacy in the United States Navy, his true passion is honing up on "Ed's useless trivia" to baffle friends and foes alike and to teach his children, Nicole and Eric, about every topic imaginable, sometimes to their dismay. Ed lives in Burleson, Texas, with his wife, Jo Ann; children; and two dogs, Freckles and Cocoa. When he's not watching history shows or reading, he enjoys the outdoors and fresh air.

"Spin the Globe":
The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom
By Edward Moldenhauer
40 pages
Paperback retail price: $16.46
E-book, retail price: $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-49073-440-8

No. 5.

"Grand-ma-MA's Adventures with her Grand-Grand Girls"

by GigiK

"Grand-ma-MA's Adventures with her Grand-Grand Girls" by GigiK
With twelve grandchildren spread amongst three different continents, GigiK searched for a way to share with each of them how much she cared and how often she thought about them.

Realizing that many children do not have a grandma at all, she began writing "Grand-ma-MA Stories," a children's book series filled with heartwarming adventures between a grandmother and her grands.

The books give children an overwhelming sense of having a grandma close by, one who loves them unconditionally.

"Children can add whatever ideas they want to any of the stories and perhaps some children will make up a special Grand-ma-MA who can help them in hard and lonely times," GigiK said.

"Grand-ma-MA's Adventures with her Grand-Grand Girls" is the first book in a series of four that highlights the special, unending bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

GigiK graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education. As a teacher of children, she has learned more from her students than she could ever hope to teach them. GigiK is a retired English and history teacher. She currently resides in Bellevue, Washington where she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

"Grand Ma Ma and Her Grand Grand Kids"
By GigiK
Lulu Publishing Services
April 2014
Price $7.39

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