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Welcome to Magic City's Newest Book Reviewer, Laure McCourt Lopez
By R.P. BenDedek
Jul 27, 2014 - 4:15:13 AM

Today on behalf of the Magic City Morning Star team I would like to welcome our newest book reviewer, Laure McCourt Lopez.

Laure has a special interest in both Christian and Children's books, and is currently reading her way through quite of list of books requested by her and graciously sent to her by the various publicists with whom I am in constant contact.

Today in fact, Laure had her first review published. It is a review of one of Lisa Manzione's "Bella and Harry" series titled: "Let's Visit Maui!"

Laure McCourt Lopez is a California native who gave up the hustle and bustle of Bay Area living and moved to her ancestral roots in the "wilds" of suburban Maine with husband Gil and son Tom in tow. Life offered more change in the form of a career shift from 29 years in early childhood education to her current profession as Certified Professional Coder in family practice.

When life takes a break from work, she enjoys genealogy ("Coder by trade, genealogist by addiction"), creative writing, crafting and exploring the varied nooks and crannies that New England has to offer.

Laure and her family share a split level Eisenhower with their two Maine Coon cats, Cecil and Katie Mona, who insist they're actually little people with fur.

We are very happy to have Laure working with us and hope very quickly to be providing even more book reviews for our readers.

Good luck Laure and remember: 'life is for living - not just reading about living.'

Best Wishes

R.P. BenDedek
Stand-In Editor

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