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The Maine Point of a Magic Conversation
By R.P. BenDedek
Jan 3, 2010 - 12:25:41 AM

Milt Gross who writes the 'Down the Road' feature here at Magic City usually sends his articles in accompanied by a personal email that leads us into discussion on various topics. When he sent today's article in, he talked about what he and Delores had been doing out in the snow, and then asked me some questions about Magic City Morning Star News.

I typed off a reply to his email and a little later loaded his article into the article manager. In doing so of course, I read the article and it gave me a laugh and I thought, why not share with the Magic City readers what I shared with Milt. So here goes!

Dear Milt

Last night sometime after 6pm it started to snow here. I discovered it at 8:30pm and already a lot of snow had fallen. It's now 3:30am and there seems not to have been much more. I'm debating with myself whether or not to go out right now and take photos. So nice with no tracks in the snow. I need to get to Beijing in 12 days time and sort of hope we don't get much snow because it will foul up my travel plans.

As for Magic City, there seems to be only one writer other than myself who publishes their own material. Everyone else apparently sends their material in emails to Ken. But Ken for whatever reason has been offline for 4 months now.

I love doing what I do to help everyone out, but from Jan 14th my life is rather up in the air and I don't know if I will have constant daily access to internet. SO I fear for Magic City if Ken doesn't reappear.

If people go to the newspaper on a regular basis and see no changes then they will stop going. With Ken out of action it is also not fulfilling his intention of providing local news as well.

I started putting up daily photos of the day mostly using my own photos and linking those to articles of mine at magic to help with circulation - keeping people reading Magic City News. I created a page on my own website to advertise each of those photos of the Day and it appears that people are interested in those photos. That's a good sign. I feel I have done something worthwhile.

But it really needs local stuff as well. Local contributions, news, photographs, entertainment, commentary etc. I can do nothing about that. Ken needs someone on the ground in Maine to help him out in this regard. And I know something of the financial cost of maintaining a site.

Ken battles to keep up with his costs and he does it for the locals. I admire him for that. I wish I could do more and fear what will happen if I can't continue with my own input.

As for a lack of stories, two writers have recently come back to writing (Old Embers Column and M. Stevens-David who may start publishing new material quite different to previous style) and we have a new writer (John Walsh) and another Mexican American living in China is preparing some articles for publication.

Others are making an effort to write more often. It is a pity that more writers are not creating and publishing their own articles at Magic and that we don't have more local content. The newspaper would not then depend on ONE person - the editor - to keep it running.

We need more articles, more writers, more news, more contributions of every description to make people WANT to go there and read because of the variety.

Now tell me - should I put on some clothes and go out into the cold and take some photos? mmm? maybe I will go back to bed and think about that for awhile.

R.P. BenDedek (Filling in for the Editor)


Further Comment:

In the introduction to yesterday's article 'Not before the Fat Lady Sings Please' I wrote: As one year ends and another begins, we can only know what was; not what will be.

I don't know what my future holds, but I do hope that the Magic City Morning Star News future will hold a lot of new contributors sharing with readers their thoughts, opinions, comments about articles, their photographs and their local news.

Magic City Morning Star News is the ideal place for anyone and everyone to get heard or discovered. So take advantage of that fact Mainers. Make Magic City Morning Star News YOUR paper by being a part of it's content.

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