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Martha Stevens-David on the speaking trail
By The Editor
Feb 22, 2012 - 8:14:57 PM

In June 2011 Magic City News congratulated Martha Stevens-David on the publication of her book 'Autobiography of a Simple Soul' which is available through

In the months since then, Martha has traveled far and wide to self-promote the book and has proven herself to be more than a competent salesperson. As news of her book has spread and as more and more people have read it, she has begun to receive invitations to speak to selected groups of people, including school students.

After much arm twisting, she has finally agreed to provide our readers with some advance notice of when and where she will be speaking and today we are happy to announce that her next scheduled appearance will be on March 21st 2012 at the Poland Historical Society.

Martha's book, "Autobiography of a Simple Soul," is a collection of short stories about growing up in the small Aroostook County town of Ashland. Having always wanted to be a writer, she built up for herself over a period of 30 years a collection of stories, many of which she graciously shared with our readers.

Having received such a positive response to her first book, Martha is now preparing to publish a second, called: "Memories... Another Place, Another Time". It should be ready for release by June of this year.

We are so grateful to Martha for having first shared her stories with our readers, and commend her on her strength of character in self-publishing her first book and doing all the legwork herself to promote it. We could all learn a lot from her experience.

If you would like to write to Martha - whatever the reason - feel free to drop her a line via her email address:

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