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Crowdfunding 'The William DeVan Story'
By R.P. BenDedek
Jan 17, 2014 - 8:45:52 AM

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I receive a lot of publicity material in my capacity as stand-in editor of Magic City Morning Star and recently I received material concerning a crowdfunding venture in relation to the film Nothing To Fall Back Upon: The William DeVan Story

I sent off an email to the publicist and asked for details about how crowdfunding works. My concern was that I might be providing free publicity for an organization which at the end of the day is scamming the public. I wanted to know what happens if the target is not reached; where the money actually goes; who gets what from all the donations. The publicist sent my email on to Michael Gordon of "Bigfatmonster Films" who then contacted me.

I don't want to talk company names at this point because I am not exactly sure who is who and I would like to receive official advice from the crowd sourcing company about their activities. I know that they are a 'for profit' organization which does get a (miniscule) percentage of the total monies raised. From what Mr. Gordon has written me the 'crowd sourcing' organization does a lot of specialist work in order to raise funds, and that even if the target is not met, the monies are still paid.

The Target for Nothing To Fall Back Upon: The William DeVan Story is $5,500 of which $535 has already been pledged and there is a section on the site which specifically states:

Flexible Funding: This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: January 14, 2014 - January 29, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

Mr. Gordon advised me that given the miniscule percentage fee charged by the service organization raising the funds, that it seemed like they had real incentive to make sure that they made every effort to raise as much as they could in order to actually earn something worthwile from the project. Mr. Gordon told me that he had spoken with other organizations that wanted large, up-front fees to do the fundraising work but that that raised a big red flag as far as he was concerned.

As for the money raised, he told me that it would go directly to Bigfatmonster Films "Nothing to Fall Back Upon account" to be spent on covering direct film costs, which include equipment rental, travel, personnel and post production costs.

Mr. Gordon has been very congenial and expressed his appreciation for my direct questions. "I really appreciate your patience and your willingess to have a dialogue." he said. "It is refreshing, and if nothing comes of our little back and forth, it's no matter, people who care enough to get involved are, as we say in the south, "rare as hen's teeth." Thanks."

So - what is this Nothing To Fall Back Upon: The William DeVan Story? Here are some excerpts from the PRWEB promotion:

Bigfatmonster Films has launched its first crowdfunding film campaign on Indiegogo this morning. The film is a feature length documentary titled, "Nothing to Fall Back Upon" and is about the life of world-renowned concert pianist William DeVan.

According to director Michael Gordon, "It is the tale of a life in music, the tale of a man who is, without question, one of the world's greatest piano players of whom you've probably never heard."

The crowdfunding campaign exists for one sole purpose: to tell the world about this amazing musician and the fascinating personalities that William has come to know. The Indiegogo campaign will end on January 29th.

BIGFATMONSTER FILMS is a full service digital cinema production company. The company is dedicated to developing new and creative avenues for independent film creation and distribution. In 2010, the company decided that new technology has presented the film industry with a unique opportunity to produce and distribute films, and reach broad audiences in ways never before imagined. In-house services include, writing, directing, producing, music creation, audio, colorization, titling, effects, and fund sourcing.

CROWDFUNDING ACCELERATOR is a professional, creative team of crowdfunding campaign management, marketing, PR and advertising specialists. Crowdfunding Accelerator personnel have a combined 19 years of experience producing high-quality crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaigns of every type and scale for small businesses and large enterprises. The company's passion is managing the behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior campaign experience for your audience. The principle founders of the company are Philip Cardwell (of Universal Media Consultants) and John-Michael Scott (of

If you care to help with the funding of this project then you can go to any of the links provided above knowing that your donation is not being scammed.

R.P. BenDedek

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