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Editor's Desk

A Brief Response to Mr. Kelly's Letter in the Community Press
By Ken Anderson
Feb 24, 2004 - 10:56:00 PM

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Reading Michael Kelly's February 24 letter to the editor of the Community Press, I was interested to learn that Mr. Kelly had created a table, comparing his work to U.N. Agenda 21, finding no similarities whatsoever.

"The U.N. is mostly worried about hundreds of millions of people in countries that are slashing and burning hundreds of thousands of acres of forest each year," writes Kelly. "There's no similarity at all," he adds.

It fascinates and disgusts me to realize that he truly believes that no one is going to check any of this stuff out for themselves, or that you would give it only a cursory glance.

He's comparing apples to apple seeds.

U.N. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan that goes far beyond the local effort here in the Katahdin area, but don't let that confuse you. AMCi is facilitating an implementation of Local Agenda 21, which has everything to do with the people of the Katahdin area.

Mr. Kelly would have us believe that he "invented" his program "one morning in 1982." All I can say is that it must have been one heck of a good morning. Perhaps the plan came to him in a vision.

It took the United Nations a lot longer than that to come up with the same plan.

I understand that it can be fun to make silly comments about the "mother ship" or to refer to Agenda 21 as a "conspiracy theory," but it's insulting to anyone who knows how to read. A conspiracy, yes; but there's nothing theoretical about it.

In previous articles that I have written on this subject, I referred my readers to the United Nations own web site, on which a large portion is devoted to Agenda 21, and to that of several non-governmental (NGO) agencies involved in the furthering of the goals set forth in the United Nations agenda. I sent you to their own sites, not to those of any conspiracy theorists, and I encouraged you to do your own investigation.

Don't take my word for it.

In his letter to the Community Press, Mr. Kelly writes the following:

"You have 23% unemployment - thousands of your neighbors are suffering, maybe you are too. Your economy has been eroding and you have been losing population for at least ten years. Sticking your heads in the sand of conspiracy theories is not going to change any of that."

Mr. Kelly is correct. We have high unemployment in the Katahdin area, and most particularly in Millinocket. Our economy has gone down the tubes and some of our neighbors have had to sell their homes in order to find work elsewhere.

But all of the visions in the world aren't going to change that.

We're in the shape we're in for a lot of reasons, not the least of which has to do with many years of high taxation, overregulation, and mismanagement by federal, state, and local governments, much of it at the urging of outside environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy.

Over the years we've elected people who have proven themselves to be more willing to listen to these non-governmental organizations than to the real needs of the people who live here.

Most of you know, intuitively, that The Nature Conservancy isn't here to help us, yet many of you are, strangely enough, complacent about allowing them to remain in a position to block any meaningful development in the Katahdin area. The Nature Conservancy is a major stakeholder in Agenda 21, worldwide, and in its local implementation here in the Katahdin area.

With all of this talk about visions, certainly you can see that this doesn't make sense.

In his letter, Kelly exhorts the people of the Katahdin region to get involved. This exhortation is repeated by vision stakeholders everywhere. Councilor Fanjoy tells citizens to get out there and build snowmen rather than complaining. Councilor Nelson complains that people are unwilling to be a part of the process. In fact, he suggests that we'll never be able to understand it unless we are involved in the vision process. MAGIC's mouthpiece, the Community Press, pleads for public participation.

But do any of these people really want you to get involved?

No. Not unless you let them do the thinking.

When the Katahdin Times first raised questions about AMCi, its editor was publicly lambasted by Councilor Danforth as a troublemaker, and then he was not allowed to respond.

When members of the vision committee expressed concerns that ran contrary to the preconceived agenda, they were told that their comments were negative. It was suggested that they were being silly, or that they were not thinking clearly. When they persisted, they were ignored and effectively shut out from the process.

When Medway Selectman Bruce Jones didn't do as he was told, he was ridiculed by Mr. Kelly.

When East Millinocket school board member Larry MacKenzie voted against the preconceived agenda, stating that he would not vote for anything that would take away the right of the people to vote, school superintendent/vision stakeholder Keith Ober berated him for his vote, saying that he had "screwed up the whole god-damned region."

Whenever anyone says, writes, or does anything that is thought to be contrary to the preconceived agenda, the reaction is the same.

Citizens who do not share the same vision are intimidated, if possible. If they are not open to intimidation, attempts are made to marginalize any dissent.

Controlling the press is an important part of their hidden agenda, as it goes hand in hand with manipulating public opinion.

In the vision process, the only desired input is that of the select group of stakeholders, many of whom stand to profit from its successful implementation. The rest of you are needed only so that they can claim a consensus.

You will be listened to only when your words further their agenda.

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