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Where are the birds?
By Milton M. Gross
Jan 17, 2016 - 12:05:03 AM

I suppose I should more accurately ask, why aren't the birds flying by our window? If you know, perhaps you'll be so kind as to e-mail me and let me know their secret.

I'll also ask the bird guy, who writes a column for the Bangor Daily News, and, in fact, I'll write here what I'll write him.

I forget his name, so

Dear I forgot your name,

Why are the birds not flying by our window today? Some background, today we are between storms, it is blue sky, the trees I watch from our sofa are not moving at all. Nor are any birds.

I take part of that back. About 12:30 p.m., a seagull flew by, fairly close to our window. And a few minutes after that a raven flew in from the north, which is the direction I see out that window. Other than that, nothing.

I lie on the sofa in the morning to allow my right leg, the one on which the hip was replaced, to keep on healing and to give my left leg, the one in which the surgeon will replace its hip in a couple of weeks, time to rest up for the big operation.

That's okay, as I can figure out the legs. The right one is on the right, and the left on is on....the other side.

Now the cat, whose name we change so much I now forget it. It may be "Pest." Or something else. She lies on a cushion that's on a stool that's by the window. Although she is usually asleep, I noticed this morning she spotted both the seagull and raven. Not bad for a cat that's asleep.

Now I'll really write to What His Name in the paper,

Dear What's Your Name in the paper,

This seagull, or crow, or big bird was seen by a bird non-expert me at our town dock recently. Milt Gross
I have a bird question to ask you, since your column is about birds. Where are they today? Why aren't they showing up as usual? For background, the sky is blue, no wind is blowing, and we're all waiting for that next storm to show up so the sky won't be blue much longer.

Usually two or three seagulls float past our window, then just beyond my view from said window, they turn around and fly back to the dock. The dock is within sight of our study window, about a half mile as the seagull or, they fly crooked. Whatever bird it is that flies straight flies.

Are they mad at me so not coming? I doubt if they even know I'm watching. And I'm pretty sure they know the napping cat is not watching, although somehow she is.

That's about all the info I have for your bird-wise birder brain. (It's about all that's in my brain too.)

So as I write this question to you, I'll also make it my next column, since I have no idea what to write for this next column.

Please, answer me by e-mail, as the snail-mail man is a bit slow arriving some days, and since I stare at our computer screen enough to notice when you answer.



Milt, the non-birding curious guy

That's what I'm, just wrote...him, the bird guy. I'd look up his name, but the BDN is way out in the kitchen, and I'm not.

Dear Reader, you can answer too, even though you're probably not a bird guy or gal. (If you should be, that will help.)


Milt, the non-birding curious guy

Oh yes, how do I know the raven is a raven and not a crow? I don't, but I finally learned to spell "raven." (Still not sure about "krow.")

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