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Down the Road

Those cats didn't evolve
By Milt Gross
Dec 13, 2015 - 4:58:00 AM

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I've been hearing on TV and reading in the newspaper and magazines about how cats have evolved. Sounds good, if you're trying to get away from creation, you know, cats and other critters being created by God.

But, if you've noticed or haven't, these cats we call pets and which know themselves as kings and queens of our households, could not have evolved from big kitties, such as lions or tigers.

Our house cats have all purred, while none of their so-called wild ancestors purr. Question 1: if our house kitties evolved from wild cats of some type, how come those wild cat critters don't purr? They don't. But our house kitties do.

To follow evolution, where'd our house kitties get their purr?

Pictured is our present kitty, Sammy, Pest, Irritant, or whatever we call her at the moment. Like all domestic cats whose line descended from Europe, she purrs. She also scratches when she plays and is almost never away from us. A favorite activity is running across the keyboard, while I'm busy hunting and pecking. Milt Gross photo.

Our house kitties, if you follow history at all, arrived here from Europe via those ships that also brought European people. Where'd those Europeans come up with these house kitties? All history tells us is that those Europeans kept house kitties to deal with other critters, such as mice and rats. The kitties became pets.

Secondly, how come our house kitties snuggle up with us or near us when they want to sleep? I'm pretty sure those lions and tigers never do that nap-with-a-human thing.

Thirdly, how come our house kitties don't growl if they were evolved from wild cat types. All those wild type kitties growl. Our kitties either purr or they do a high-pitched kind of growl or low howl when they meet "the enemy."

How come you've never noticed a mountain lion or cougar or wild cat with such beautiful colors as our house kitties boast? If they evolved from those wild ones, wouldn't they have that same brown or whatever color that is their fur?

They came via ship, not via the mountain lions and other wild cats that enjoy life in North America. Totally different ancestry. If our house kitties came from those wild cat types, wouldn't we know it? See the headline: house kitten born to mountain lion. I'll bet that would be a major draw for readers.

I'm certainly not a scientist, but I think the same argument can be made for dogs. How did that raging wolf have a puppy that was a cocker spaniel? Wolves have different mating seasons, howl -- when did you last hear a cocker spaniel howl?

I saw a cartoon on my computer that showed people adapting wolves as pets or helpers in rounding up the stock. Great cartoon, but did you ever see a wolf helping a farmer or rancher rounding up the cattle and sheep?

I have a feeling, just a feeling, that guys such as Darwin and others who insist on evolution were and are looking for a way out. Out from what? From believing that God the Creator made these critters they way they became....I'm not discounting evolution within a species. Sure some dog became a cocker spaniel. But I'll bet that neither Mom nor Dad was a wolf.

Hard to believe in God and his actions that became creation? Think, really think, how hard it is to believe that a wolf became a dog, a tiger became a house cat. By accident.

I once had a discussion about this with a fellow teacher, a science teacher, no less. Afterwards he turned to me and said something like, "Darn you, I've never heard anything like that before?" (He may have used another word besides "darn" if we weren't in one of our classrooms during that discussion. "Darn" may have evolved once humans began to inhabit schools.)

Let's really play with the extremes of evolution, total evolution. Did a mouse become a cow? No? That's what total evolutionists would have you believe if they could get you to think that little. Well, maybe not from a mouse to a cow, but from some critter to another critter.

For thousands of years, Mom and Dad lions have brought forth baby lions. Is there any actual evidence, beyond someone's dreaming, that a Mom lion gave birth to a house kitten?

I was taught somewhere that evidence is something like a footprint in the mud. It gives you an idea that something walked that way. Proof, I was taught, is demonstration.

When was the last demonstration you saw or read about of a lion giving birth to a house cat?

Been a good while, I'll bet.

Another question to hang on slightly different topic, why did we recently celebrate Thanksgiving? Evolution or not, sometimes I don't think people always think straight. Imagine all that fuss without a supermarket turkey.

Milt Gross can be reached for corrections, harassment, or other purposes at

Milton M. Gross Copyright 2015

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