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Down the Road

Let's get going - what's next
By Milton M. Gross
Jan 5, 2014 - 12:35:27 AM

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Now that we've gotten the New Year's celebrations and resolutions out of the way, what's next.

I hope it is to get rid of all the snow that has built up since just before Christmas. The ice seems to have disappeared, and we're back in our house after not having electricity for 3.5 days. But a new snow storm is heading our way tonight with up to eight inches.

New Year's Day has just passed. Maybe by then the next step will have happened the way I want -- or not.

The second next step is to sell the book manuscript we UPSed to a publisher. We were going to drive it to the publisher here in Maine, but it snowed that day. So the next step and the second next step kind of follow each other.

If the manuscript sells, then the third next step is to make enough money from it to finally really retire, after retiring twice and still working. I have a friend, who has also retired twice and is still working. And my late father retired from 40 years on the Pennsylvania-and-name-changes that preceded "Railroad." The next day -- or pretty close -- he went to the city and got a job in a hardware store.

My late father liked tools.

Another wish is for my editor, who lives in Mongolia and can edit "stuff" for the Millinocket online paper via the internet, to have hot water in winter as well as in summer. Life is apparently pretty primitive there. Plus he has to edit my "stuff." So, here's your wish from me, RP, hot water in winter.

For my daughter and son, who live in North Carolina, I wish them well. She runs an agency that helps people who have been fighting it out with each other to avoid court decisions about their fights. Good luck with stopping people from fighting. From what I read and hear on the news, that's not a bad wish for Maine. Everybody stop fighting...and killing each other! Fighting and killing's not the way to start a new year.

My son down there in the hilly south works for a landscaping company. Here's to success and land to scape even in the winter. Of course, winter in North Carolina is different than winter in Maine. A lot of the snow there is rain.

For my other daughter and her husband in western Maine, I wish that they can get dug out sometime before Easter.

And this wish, just in, since Dolores and I saw a familiar face in our dooryard. The doe that has visited us in the winter for several years is out there, now, as I type. She must be hungry enough from being trapped in the horrible -- though beautiful in some folks' eyes -- ice to have fought her way to our yard. Welcome back, and though you're hungry and nibbling at the remains of the deer grain we put down and the turkeys earlier today gobbled down, have a better new year than this one has started to be.

To you, Deer, a special Happy New Year.

"Our" doe, who has visited us each winter to nibble on the deer grain we put out, is here behind the drift left by the plow "guy" and below looks at us and says, "Thank you." Photo by Milt Gross.

For all of us, who live in the Pine Tree and Snow and Ice State, I hope we all survive until spring and then live happily ever after. Just think, "they" say that snow is poor man's fertilizer, so my New Year's wish for all of us here in the land of white is to have a great garden next summer -- when, we hope, there'll be no white stuff to shovel off the garden.

Continuing with we who live in the Pine Tree and Snow and Ice State, may all of our cars start -- the first try. Oh yes, and pickups too. (Ten below zero last night.)

And for those in the Pine Tree and Snow and Ice State, who attend church. Hope you can get there. (And for those of us who choose to stay home, may we be totally dug out soon. May the God of the Pine Tree and Snow and Ice State do "stuff" for us too, such as melt the snow and ice.)

And may the God of the Pine Tree and Snow and Ice State (and deer) make you happy in your endeavors in 2014.....

and keep the electricity flowing to all our homes.

Oh yes, the poem, which came to me as I was watching the snow fall from our trees:

A New Year's wish for you and me,
That we don't get hit by a falling tree........
That's ice-laden.
Happy New Year!

Milt Gross can be reached for corrections, harassment, or other purposes at

Milton M. Gross Copyright 2013

© Copyright 2002-2014 by Magic City Morning Star

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