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Easter -- spring is here
By Milton M. Gross
Apr 6, 2015 - 9:04:34 AM

While these flowers are inside, the great outdoors boasts of Easter and spring at the same time. Milt Gross photo.

I think most people know that the ancient church picked the date for Easter, not for when Christ rose from the dead, but because it was the beginning of spring.

New life.

I think using this date for Christ's resurrection is appropriate.

Who, when they think of Easter Sunday, doesn't picture blue skies, sunshine, and flowers. Yes, some also think of Easter eggs -- eggs, a new life.

The biblical Easter story is a wonderful story, especially for people like me who believe it. Jesus rising from the dead, communicating with his followers, and finally rising into the sky. As far as I know, Christianity is the only religion that has such an optimistic story.

But for me, Easter is also about the beginning of spring. I've been to a fair amount of Easter Sunrise services, some of which were so early and cold they made me doubt whether spring would ever arrive.

But it did.

That's a wonder of Easter -- and spring -- it did arrive.

Down in Pennsylvania, where I was raised, Easter was warmer than it is here in the Pine Tree State. But there or here, there's nothing quite like stepping outside on Easter and realizing the long, cold winter has finally gone.

Replaced by Easter, the herald of spring and new life.

To one and all, Happy Easter.

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