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Doug Wrenn
The U.S. Is Still Not Ready For A Black President...Or A Mormon One, Either!
By Doug Wrenn
Jun 13, 2012 - 6:05:15 AM

"We have met the enemy, and he is us!" ("Pogo")

In its vibrant history, America has become an incessant state of transition. Some of that transition has been substantive. And some of it has been mere perception, if not hocus-pocus.

We freed the slaves but now somehow justify murdering the unborn in what should be the safest place on earth: their mothers' womb.

We no longer segregate blacks from public accommodations like buses, diners, restrooms and water fountains, yet they can now enjoy their own segregated colleges, pageants, and other associations, where whites need not apply. And in employment and college admissions, "discrimination" has been replaced by "Affirmative Action," wink, wink. Yet oddly enough, folks in my 50 + age range repeatedly say that no one wants to hire them because of their age anymore, in this progressive era of "equal opportunity."

Cohabitating gays are now entitled in some states to financial benefits of "civil unions." But for some reason, equally committed, cohabitating heterosexuals still need to officially get married to obtain such "equality," or else, do without.

Everyone remembers Rodney King, but few if any recall the name Reginald Denny. Likewise with Trayvon Martin, now a household term, but the story two white newspaper reporters viciously attacked by a mob of blacks in Norfolk, Virginia recently seems to have rather widely succumbed to "editorial discretion."

On TV, in radio, and in print publications, people fully and freely quote racial slurs of every vile and vulgar variety for almost any and every ethnicity with no censorship. Yet that one famous one is reduced to being widely known as "the n-word," as if we're all tykes still playing in the sand box and invoking our first "dirty word."

America's hypocrisy has gone two steps forward while our true social and cultural progress has lapsed ten steps back. Political correctness keeps the pendulum now to the far opposite end instead of in the middle, where it belongs, and we puff out our chests triumphantly and confidently proclaim that the emperor has new clothes.

President Kennedy was not fully accepted as our first Catholic President until he publicly denounced any influence of his faith (and apparently, his morals as well, given his rumored playboy behavior) on his holding of office.

In the last election, we were beleaguered by questions pertaining to Mitt Romney's Mormon faith. Less so, it seems this year, but now that he has pretty much clinched his party's nomination, I'm sure that sad song will be cranked up once again eventually.

The last poll I heard showed that President Obama has dropped below the median in popularity in every demographic group that got him elected, except among blacks, where his is at about the median. Given that under his watch, 50% of Americans no longer pay any taxes while the rest of us carry their load, I'm surprised his numbers in that category aren't skyrocketing.

I heard of and from several people in the last election who were not crazy about Obama but said they intended to vote for him anyway to be part of history in voting for our first black (actually, only half black) President. Several people since have pulled the race card (including on me, personally) against those who oppose his failing, socialist policies and accuse his critics (including me) of being racist. Whenever people pulled that stunt on me, I demanded that they back up their statements with facts and in true, characteristic, liberal, knee-jerk, myopic, feel-good form, they soon fell short. Their silence was even more deafening when I told two of them that I twice previously voted for Alan Keyes (who is fully black) in presidential elections. And again, in typical, misguided, uninformed liberal form, one of them asked me who Alan Keyes was.

I was at a social gathering recently and overheard a gaggle of women blathering on that the problems of the country can supposedly all be laid at the feet of the "Good Old Boys' Club," code, apparently, for white males. (Just wondering...have they seen the Congress lately?) They all agreed that a woman President should be elected, and could heal all our woes. But why? How is a woman president specifically better? Is it the genitalia, or the hormones that makes her so miraculously more qualified?

Our melting pot has become a segregated stew, clouded only by a thick gravy of hyperbole. Most of the vegetables would be hard pressed to name their elected representatives and top government officials, lest they be deprived of precious time from far more weighty matters like video games, pornography, sports and the infinite array of mind-numbing reality TV shows which have mesmerized them into a band of clueless, hypnotized, but ever loyal lemmings. To ask one of these verbalizing catatonics how their government works, or what their Constitution says would only be like stirring the stew and bringing it to a full and still tasteless boil; gratuitous agitation with a failed result.

It's a simple process really, crap in, crap out. So before we start choosing up sides for who looks like us, acts like us, prays like us, or sounds like us, let's take an honest and hard look at the "Good Old Idiots Club" before we blame what choices we have left to choose from in the "Good Old Boys Club" who are vetted and elected by them.

America is still stuck in the past. The whips, chains, fire hoses and nooses may be put away, but they are now replaced with quotas, rhetoric, political correctness, misplaced guilt and abject cowardice. Revenge has slipped in among us, cloaked in the Trojan Horse of "reform," but reverse discrimination, much like its previous form is still discrimination, and just as corrosive. The deceiving purple haze that envelops us won't change any time soon until we collectively fix our own self-imposed rectal-cranial inversion problem. (Work on that one for a minute. It'll come to you.)

And until we do, you can dismiss any idea of having or even "being ready for" a black, Latino, gay, Asian, Jewish, female, disabled, Muslim, Mormon, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, canine, feline, amphibian, reptile, or any other kind of President. And if per chance another minority slips in any time soon it will once again most likely have more to do with political correctness than equality and diversity, because I don't see anything changing around me other than hot air and horse residue.

How will we know when we are ready? When people vote for an official based on experience, and the issues (which first have to be learned, and that requires the initiative and responsibility of paying attention, and maybe even a doing modicum of research), and not by outer appearance or group association. And secondly, when we disagree, it will be on issues of merit and /or performance, and once again, not on outer appearance or group association. Teddy Roosevelt had it right; we're all Americans, and that means without hyphens. Those hyphens don't attach us; they divide us, and let those who wish to cling to them pack them in their luggage and return to their native land, where their hearts apparently still dwell.

Otherwise, get used to white Anglo Saxon males, the "Good Old Boy's Club," (whatever that really is), and worst of all, the status quo. My sage mother, a queen of clich├ęs, has a favorite one that is applicable here: "You make your bed; you sleep in it."

As for me, I don't plan on voting for President Obama. No, not because he is black (half, or otherwise), but because he is a predictably failed, radical socialist ideologue, who lacked experience for the job in the first place and has had numerous associations with individuals of questionable character, including, but not necessarily limited to convicted felons, domestic terrorists and radical racists.

And no, I don't plan to vote for Mitt Romney either, and no, not because he is a Mormon, but because he is an elitist, out of touch, phony, two-faced chameleon who has a history of saying anything to get elected, including trying to pass himself off as a conservative when he is little more than an opportunistic liberal, whose few core principals are negotiable for the right prize anyway.

Yes, indeed; it's a quandary.

By the way, has anybody seen Alan Keyes?

Doug Wrenn

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