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Doug Wrenn
The Hypocrisy Of Liberal So Called "Tolerance"
By Doug Wrenn
Nov 25, 2012 - 12:23:58 AM

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I have once again survived the lion's den. Being the only sane (which is to say, conservative) member of my died-in-the-wool far left liberal and very political family, and in this, a presidential election year no less, I can proudly say that I gave as well as I got, and then some (hardly a task against liberals) and exited bloated, content and relatively unscathed, especially in comparison to the remaining carcass of the woeful and apparently "independent" turkey of which we all mercilessly feasted upon with carnivorous and glutinous impunity.

Being once again single (yes ladies, I am now as available as I am handsome and almost humble), I have recently found myself trawling the personals and am continually astounded at the audacity of some of these women who identify themselves by such low rent code words as "tolerant," "open-minded," "compassionate," and "non-judgmental" and then specify that they will only consider dating a liberal man, and in some cases emphatically even saying that if you are one of those "right-wingers," don't dare even think of contacting them. Huh? Some years back, I recall hearing a certain big-yapped friend of a relative once opine at a family gathering they she would never let her daughters date the son of any Republican, nor even allow him into their home. Thankfully, this warm, demure pillar of diversity is retired from her former employer... the FBI (apparently now standing for "Factious Bimbos of Intolerance"), and the country, no doubt, is better off for it.

The Thanksgiving Day jabbing and banter in my family is as traditional as football, and sometimes, about as rough, only around our table, it's no holds barred, no time outs, and no referees, but it was the icing on the already building cake that eventually inspired this sage and insightful piece of intuitive and literary genius by yours truly.

The libs say they want the government out of their bedroom, or at least they did until Obama Care came along to pay for their contraception and trample all over religious liberty (as in the First Amendment) by requiring Catholic organizations to defy their faith's tenets and pay for the contraception whims of their passionate employees for their weekend bedroom follies. (I don't get they not give out paychecks on Thursdays in these places any more?)

Libs pride themselves in saying "live and let live," yet who gives us all the nanny-state laws and regulations dictating how people privately use their own land (as in the Fourth Amendment), and for that matter, how we eat, drink, and smoke. Many liberal city and state bastions now dictate what and how much foods can contain, if any, fats, sugar, and salt, and now having won the war on indoor venues, are now dictating when, where, how, or even if we can smoke outside (while at the same time zealously championing the liberalization and legalization of both the medical and recreational use of marijuana in many jurisdictions). If women can have "choice" to butcher their young when they become inconvenient, why can't I have "choice" to wolf down a dozen doughnuts fried and drenched in far better tasting trans-fats when I'm hungry?

When it comes to flag burning and public images of obscenity, liberals are all about free speech. Their defense: "Hey, if you don't like it, you (and apparently, your kids as well) can look the other way!" Or at least they were for free speech, until the owner of Chic-Filet restaurants donated his money to a pro-family group that opposed gay marriage, and then not only did gays all over the country protest at the companies restaurants in droves, but also impeded its business by having sit-ins where they exchanged public displays of affection for all your kids to see (Hey, they can look the other way! Remember?), and then several big city mayors tried to ban the restaurants from their municipalities. (Your papers, please...) I guess free speech is only free for others when liberals sanctimoniously give their nod of agreement and approval.

Liberals love life! Especially if it's for a convicted child serial killer on death row in a state prison somewhere. But for totally innocent and utterly defenseless babies in what should be the safest place on earth (their mother's womb), they are reduced to a "choice," and then reduced to... GIBLETS...literally, and at an age at which medical doctors now tell us these poor souls can (and DO) feel pain! ("Peace out," folks!) I have in the past worked for and supported pro-family and pro-life causes and have seen the onslaught of vile and viscerally vitriolic hate mail and death threats from pro-"gay" (but apparently, not too happy) and so-called "pro-choice" (Does anyone ever ask the baby for his or her choice?) groups. I recently spoke to someone employed by a renowned Catholic organization that now continually gets death threats due to several public stances the Church has taken on issues. Against a Jew or a Muslim these would be hate crimes with a "thorough and robust investigation to prosecute the insensitive wrongdoers to the fullest extent of the law" and a parade of politicians standing in a mile long line to go on the record with their personal mea culpas and to express their personal outrage at such "hate speech." But for Catholics (and I am one), as usual, it's just "Shut up, suck it up, and as a matter of fact, do us all a favor and just go away, and take that preachy guy on the cross and all His annoying rules with you!" I have even heard libs wish death in the past upon Republican political candidates. Hey, no lower scoundrel than Teddy Kennedy ever walked the "shallow" halls of Congress, but I certainly never wished death on him, nor did I at all find myself doing a happy dance when I first learned that he was ill. Sickness and death are always sad subjects. Teddy had as much right to live as Mary Jo. Free speech obviously is all but outlawed from liberal academia as David Horowitz has often had his newsletters stolen, and speakers such as Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter have been assaulted with pies and shouted down by those too ignorant to be willing to learn at so-called institutions of higher learning while a beaming Mommy and Daddy keep paying their tuition and caressing the ever sensitive self esteem of their darling little cherubs who never caught a good swift smack when they needed one, and now we see how that whole process turned out.

It nauseates me incessantly to hear liberals pontificate how kind and "tolerant" they are while sneering (or worse) down their pointy noses at conservatives. Liberals are not tolerant, and I don't particularly care about that, but I do bristle at hypocrisy, so as long as they continue marching to their own synthetic and absurd drum roll of "tolerance," they really need to shut up, because as the sage adage reminds us, "Actions speak louder than words," and their walk just doesn't match their superfluous talk, no matter how chic and suave it may sound. Conservatives don't preach "tolerance." We don't wantonly discriminate, but we also don't embrace every flimsy, morally relevant, feel-good, knee-jerk, immoral, half-assed trendy notion that comes down the pike, either. Sometimes the word "no" is a good thing. To the extent these people have religious beliefs (which is why they prefer the fluffy, sugary and empty term, "spiritual"), they will tell you that God is a happy Father who never punishes His children because He loves us and always wants us to be happy. What loving father of sane mind (Liberals need not apply here because I said "sane"!) NEVER punishes his errant child? I do believe God is a loving and forgiving father. But I also believe that He is no one to be trifled with, but don't take my word for the Old Testament! Liberals must hate football. How they can they perceive of playing any game in which there are "boundaries" and "lines"? Then again, they love baseball, which is why many youth baseball leagues don't have scores. Everybody just goes home feeling good and the motivation (taught by the sting of failure) to better one's self is lost back on the diamond until next week's fluffy, feel-good and utterly meaningless game, moronically devoid of both victory and loss. These are the same kids who grow into adults to later scream "Tax the rich more!" so we are all "equal," regardless of whether or not we earned the spoils, or how we acquired them. (Yes, much like a cancer, liberalism is indeed, to put into the cherished parlance of the far lefties, "progressive"!)

It all boils down to ideology, and how we arrived at ours. Ideology is usually molded by life experiences and influences. Liberals and conservatives also think differently. Liberals tend to be short-sighted, more obsessed with the here and now, and to hell with the future, we'll deal with it then. The whole ripple effect thing and the theory that actions have consequences are lost on them. Liberals also view their politics through the prism of emotion. They don't have even half of the facts, nor do they care. It's all about what feels good. Yes, welcome the illegal immigrants with open arms, despite the fact that the poor LEGAL immigrants from the same country trying to get naturalized here the right way just got pushed back even further into the line by those who couldn't be bothered to adhere to the laws of the nation they so much wanted to enter. That is why political debates with liberals usually get pretty fiery, because their views are emotionally driven and when confronted with hoards of ammunition (the facts) by the opposition, they get personal with gratuitous yelling, swearing insults and sometimes then even say, "I don't want to talk about it any more," because they can't. They pitched their argument, came up short, and lost all their wind in round one. Conservatives on the other hand are less consumed with emotion, more focused on logic, less concerned with now and more sensitive to the big picture or the road ahead. That is probably why many conservatives think liberals are idiots and why many liberals think conservatives are cold blooded bastards. As I once hard, the chief difference between a liberal and a conservative is that a liberal wants to give you a hand OUT, while a conservative wants to give you a hand UP. Dead on!

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and like any other individual, conservatives and liberals are not all monolithic. But as with many stereotypes, the gross exaggeration originated from a small bit of truth. I am only expressing my observations as I have walked through life, in some cases, a little bruised and battered. But as for those liberals who incessantly rant about "tolerance," just ignore them. They're not tolerant. They're just haughty.

Meanwhile, I already find myself sharpening not just my eating cutlery, but my political wits as well, and I already feel up to the task as I prepare for yet another upcoming family gathering, not at all intended for the weak of heart: Christmas! Oops sorry! For those of you out there of the leftward persuasion: "The Holiday"! And whatever you call yours, have a happy one, and I wish you well "tolerating" all those publicly displayed Nativity scenes. Hey, come on, just roll with it. You can look the other way. And besides... they're "spiritual"!

Doug Wrenn

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