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Doug Wrenn

Springtime In Chicago: Bullets Flying, Hot Air Blowing!
By Doug Wrenn
May 3, 2010 - 12:24:26 AM

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You gotta love liberals. Where else can you get so much free entertainment? For that matter, if Republicans are the party of "No," then the Democrats must be the party of unintended consequences. They just can't leave well enough alone and are utterly befuddled when their pesky micromanagement of trying to fix what is not broken or reinvent the wheel so often goes awry. To save on trees, they eliminated paper bags from grocery stores until plastic bags started filling up landfills. They tax the rich so much from many states that they pick up their wealth and move (because they can) and spread it elsewhere where they can live in peace and be unmolested by narrow minded socialist do-gooders. In Chicago they ban law abiding citizens from owning firearms. And now we see what total harmony that has wrought. For all the hot air being blustered in the Windy City right now before summer even starts as whizzing bullets crisscross the metropolis, one thing you won't hear there right now is anybody singing "Kum-ba-yah" any time soon as they duck and run for cover.

I just don't get it. Chicago has had a long time gun ban, yet gun violence is now so drastically up officials are considering bringing in the National Guard to bail out outgunned Chicago cops. (Hey, who gave them guns?) If Chicagoans can't have guns, how did the bad guys get them? Didn't they see the memo? Likewise, I scratch my head in befuddlement (as I mimic the typical liberal) and wonder, aghast, at how Washington, D.C., with a similar gun ban has so often ranked so nationally high for its number of homicides every year. Were all of those murder victims stabbed, strangled or beaten? Now for an encore, Chicago Mayor Daley is calling for more gun laws, as if the current ones, including an outright ban isn't enough! OK, now stop already! Let me stop laughing long enough to at least catch my breath!

Meanwhile, the liberal excuse machine (nothing at all like the real machine called "Daley," however) is already at hard work, citing that violence goes up every summer in the city as the locals come out of winter hibernation, like snow really has something to do with it. Talk to any urban cop and he'll tell you crime goes up everywhere, every summer, as predictable as loonies coming out on a full moon, simply because more people are out, the weather is miserable and tempers get short. Besides, if that theory were true, we'd be shooting it out with bears every spring, too.

So where are the bad guys getting the guns? Gee, you mean they don't use their credit card at the local gun store and patiently wait in line for a background check like the rest of us who don't live in Chicago? The bad guys will always get guns. That's an established fact. Nationally, the US has a compendium of approximately 20,000 gun laws at the local, state and federal level. Of the millions of guns in the US, and infinitesimal fraction of them is used to commit crimes, as a similar fraction of legal gun owners ever commit crimes. Yet annually approximately two million Americans thwart a crime or save themselves or a third party by gun ownership, and in most cases, without having to fire a shot.

Professor John Lott, an economist and admitted former anti-gun believer, has researched and written several articles and books, including "More Guns, Less Crime," in which he has documented from factual research that areas where citizens own and carry guns freely have far less crime than in areas where the citizenry is disarmed, a lesson currently being learned the hard way in Great Britain. Although much smaller in size than Chicago, the good folks of Kennesaw, Georgia are enjoying a marked decrease in crime after city officials there actually made gun ownership mandatory in every home by municipal ordnance. Don't mess with Kennesaw folk!

Another little unspoken of quirk about liberals is that while they hate guns, deep down inside, they secretly love criminals as much as they love dictators. (Think Sean Penn and Fidel Castro!) Areas in which liberal draconian views are imposed against gun ownership typically also have low rates of prosecution and conviction for crimes. Experimental federally based programs that have targeted certain cities throughout the country have ramped up prosecutions and introduced federal law enforcement officials to charge individuals with gun crimes and used federal prosecutors to prosecute those offenders within federal purview, which result in much stiffer sentences, more convictions, and less criminals and illegal guns on the streets, which in turn has successfully brought down crime statistics in those areas. Nothing will change until the liberal mindset breaks its obsession with blaming inanimate objects and instead targets the walking, thinking creatures wielding them.

Even if the National Guard is brought in, how long can troops remain in the city? Will they be given ammunition for their guns? Don't laugh, but in similar situations, National Guard troops have been denied ammunition. Cigar store Indians dressed in cammo won't resolve this problem, and for that matter, neither will bringing in any temporary beefing up of local law enforcement by outside agencies. Or are we still thinking this is just a summer problem, and if so, what happens next summer?

Those who complain when the law abiding citizenry has the cops "outgunned" are only speaking from the left side of their mouths. The 2nd Amendment is intended as a check and balance, as well as a right, to back up, if necessary, local police and militia in time of national crisis, or to stand up to a tyranny by an abusive, out of control and over-reaching government, which the left dismisses as ludicrous. Of course. After all, we haven't seen any over-reaching used by our federal government lately, have we? (Remember how an elephant is eaten: one bite at a time!) But the left views government as the be all and end all, and John Q. Citizen to stupid and helpless to do anything for himself, so Big Brother must protect us. Now I ask Chicagoans two questions: 1.) Who has the guns in your city now, and 2.) Do you feel protected now? Even the US Supreme Court has ruled that police are not intended and not even able to protect each individual citizen, but rather, society collectively, and individual citizens have a right, and a duty to protect themselves. Anyone who has ever called 911 in a big city and been put on hold for several minutes (as I have) might have a fairly realistic glimpse of the Court's insight here. (The score is now: Blind Lady of Justice, 1, Naive Nanny State, 0.)

With all due respect to law enforcement, the system is what it is, and police, despite their professionalism and dedication, are on the whole still usually more reactive than proactive. Cops are masters at their craft, which often entails slithering in between those tightly tied knots of that fashionable yellow "Do Not Cross The Line" tape to artistically draw a perfect chalk line around a still steaming bloody corpse without even spilling a drop of coffee on it, and then writing a stimulating report afterward, surmising how the formerly very much alive person became the overly cooperative still subject of their artwork. While it is prudent and even necessary for our officers to continually hone these skills, if protection is what you seek, buy a gun, and then learn and practice how to safely and proficiently store, carry and God forbid, if necessary, shoot it.

To the extent that most of these dregs shooting up Chicago are predictably drug dealing and gang bangers killing each other, like in most other big cities, I don't personally have a real big problem with it. After all, these guys when iced will be about as missed as hungry cockroaches at suppertime. In fact, I consider the current situation simply to be a more radicalized version of "urban renewal." We're better off without these cretins. They are doing the city a service. The problem is that innocent victims are also targeted, if not intentionally, than accidentally by the hapless bad guys "spraying and praying," to coin gun parlance, as well, which brings me to my next point. Responsible gun owners remain proficient in their shooting skills and can usually hit their target. The city might want to invest in inviting all its criminal element to take an NRA shooting course, then upon certification, cordon off an isolated area, cage them all up and let them all have at it and finish the job once and for all. That might sound a bit drastic, but the present situation is certainly much worse in terms of lost revenue from tourism alone. Even Mrs. O'Leary's legendary pyromaniac cow is afraid to come back out of the barn now. That's just not right.

I would hope that these written words make their way to the eyes of influential Chicagoans who hopefully see the light and try to truly effect some change because my gallows humor aside, this situation there is clearly as much a dangerous crisis as it is a needless tragedy. But as long as liberals hold the reins in Chicago, they will keep implementing insanity, which as we know from the famous adage is by definition to keep repeating the same tactics while actually expecting a different result. Another old and sage adage reminds us that facts are stubborn things, and these facts won't go away, which means that as long as the lefties in charge don't change tactics, the situation likely won't change either. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is still deliberating on overturning Chicago's gun ban, but that could take months, and despite all the hot air blowing there now, the city hasn't even gotten through summer yet, which tells me that when all else fails (and it will), the Dems who hold Chicago politics in a stranglehold will simply fall back onto the ever popular and time tested Plan B used by all other equally desperate, dizzy and deceitful Democrats throughout the country, regardless of time, place, or circumstances.

Blame Bush.

Doug Wrenn

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Doug Wrenn
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