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Doug Wrenn

Patriots Vs. Anarchists: Round 1
By Doug Wrenn
Mar 31, 2010 - 12:10:04 AM

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"Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty." - (Ronald Reagan)

As I write this piece, twas just a week ago today that Comrade Obama signed his sweeping so-called health care bill, and further forwarded his plan for government control over pretty much whatever he can get away with controlling, right after our financial and lending institutions, and two out of our three auto makers. Somehow student loans were silently swept into the big grab as well. The following morning, I took Mom, an unaffiliated voter, who prides herself in always simply voting for the best candidate, despite the fact the "best" candidate is oddly always a Democrat, to breakfast. It didn't take long before she proudly sputtered out, "I saw history being made last night." Indeed. And I heard history being made on the car radio on the morning of September 11, 2001. Not all history is good history.

I really want to smack somebody right now, but I can't see them, and there are too many of them to smack even if I could. Roughly 60%-70% of Americans vehemently oppose the catastrophic Trojan horse, which was one of Obama's key issues when he ran for office, and won by a majority, albeit a rather weak one. Where are all those many (now silent and invisible) Obama "hope and change" sycophants now?

John McCain is like a car with a bad front end in New England. Given another Republican challenger, he veers right through all the pot holes of primary season, then sways back to the left after skidding on a few leaves after Election Day in November. And yet, even that chameleon extraordinaire tried to warn us that Obama was a socialist, but we didn't listen. Perhaps we were too engrossed in our sports and reality shows, or perhaps we wanted to be trendy and have bragging rights to voting for the first erroneously dubbed "black" President. I don't get it. I twice voted for Alan Keyes, who is fully black, and even an actual native born American citizen, but I have yet to get my overdue kudos at the water cooler. On two separate occasions, I was called a racist and a white supremist for disagreeing with a true liberal believer on Obama's policies, not because I called him any racist names, but simply because I disagree with him. Lenin may be long dead but the useful idiots of which he spoke are still sadly alive and well and thriving among us today. In fact, they easily add another five miles to the "5th column."

Someone recently lamented to me that the Republicans are in bed with the insurance companies. First of all, there is one sexual fantasy I can live without. Secondly, I thought the GOP was supposedly in bed with big oil. I reminded her that she lives in a city that is in the top 10, if not top 5 of the municipalities in the state with the highest mil rates, a city almost completely run by Democrats for decades, has gone belly up once already and then almost did an encore performance. Perhaps that was what Reagan meant when he said, "Republicans believe every day is the 4th of July. Democrats think every day is April 15th.

People will choose their point in time to base their argument in accordance to their views. I once told a true leftist believer that had the Japanese never bombed Pearl Harbor, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never would have happened. He told me we made the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor because of harsh economic sanctions we had previously imposed on them. People still play that game now. Yes, Obama came into office inheriting Bush's mistakes for intervening in a fiscal crisis caused, but not fixable by government. But from there, Obama took the ball and ran with it. Then of course, we can blame the financial bubble on the fact that Democrat made federal law, long before Bush took office, mandated that lending institutions give out more bad loans to risky home buyers to supposedly level the home ownership playing field for minorities. At whatever point you choose to begin the argument, however, suffice to say that both parties now have blood on their hands for the killing of our country by the increasing seizure of our liberties and a looming financial collapse still trying to pick a date on the upcoming calendar.

Cutting through all the rhetoric, I have popped my head out of and above the manure pile, shoveled at me from both directions, and come to the realization that Democrats spend excessively. Republicans just spend a little bit less. Democrats trample all over the Constitution. Republicans just cite it and wave it at the Democrats when they are trying to pick a fight. In other words, we have a two party system comprised of two parties: one that is really bad, and another that is just ever so slightly less bad. And the lesser of two evils is still evil. I do believe that the GOP will sweep both chambers of the Congress in 2010, and by 2012 at the latest. It's their time. They're due. Like "Peter" from the well known principle, they have risen to the top of their incompetence level (and then some). The GOP's well deserved time for the woodshed was 2006 and 2008.

One thing the Dems cannot deny, communists and socialists have chosen the Democrat, not the Republican party as a conduit to infiltrate our political system, and they've been at it for decades, dating back to FDR, if not before. Yet when you look at the roster of groups like the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, et al, there are enough well known names from both sides of the aisle, and therein lies our problem.

Too many "part time" American citizens, you know, the well meaning, basically decent hearted, but typically way too busy and sometimes even clueless type (90 + %) of our population, still think "Constitution" is rigidity of bowels. In fact, it was their own self-imposed ignorance and apathy that produced the same desired result, only now it's not so desirable.

We need to stop this broad brush painting of one party and the other. I'm tired of hearing who's in bed with what corporation, and who's for the "little guy" and the "working guy," etc.. Both parties have been corrupted by abuses of the system from special interest groups. And if calling me a racist is the best you can do in a political argument because you are simply out of intelligent and viable ammunition, even though I never even muttered a single racial epithet, then just go back to the sandbox, and while there, bury your head back into the sand, because you're probably utterly hopeless and part of the problem anyway.

I'm also sick of hearing people clamoring for term limits. As I keep telling these people, we already have term limits; it's called your vote. It's a simple process really, crap in, crap out. Stop blaming bad politicians elected by bad votes. The same people who will chase down a waiter in a restaurant because he slightly shortchanged them on their bill just silently roll over and play possum when these bigger cretins in public office screw us for a much more, and incessantly so.

The John Birch Society, in The New American magazine, regularly tracks, grades, and publishes the voting records of all of our members of Congress, based on the constitutionality, or lack thereof, of their votes. The numbers, not surprisingly, are pretty abysmal. Think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute will gladly provide pocket sized Constitutions upon request at very low cost, if any. There is also this wonderful other institution called the Internet, which can actually be used for much more than games and porn. No politician of any affiliation should ever be given a vote unless he promises to actually uphold the oath he takes and thus actually uphold the Constitution. If he fails at that duty while in office, he should be voted out at the end of his term. Such a standard would have prevented our current mess, and is our only hope to dig our way out, along with fervent prayer and Divine grace.

We all now need to become "new Americans." Forget about Republicans and Democrats, just vote for the Constitution, and demand the same of your candidates and officials. We've dropped the ball. Before we blame our woeful and corrupt politicians, we need to take a good long hard look in the mirror first. If we are in fact a "representative republic," which we are, and no, we are not a "democracy," and learn that difference first, then why is it that so-called Obamacare can become law when roughly 70% of the country is opposed it? Folks, these are not your elected officials speaking, and you are not even being considered, let alone heard. The Democrat Party has been hijacked by its far left fringe, and both parties have been hijacked by powerful global elitists who very much desire the downfall of the United States as we still (so far) know it. George Washington tried to warn us about political parties. We didn't listen, and now we see what that has gotten us.

Next on the agenda, if unchecked, will be cap and trade, the regulation under penalty of how much we can control the climate in our homes and businesses, amnesty for illegal immigrants, who will then be added, all 20-30 million of them, onto this enormous and unsustainable health care plan, based on what is now unbacked currency and during a time in which many of our trading partners are getting sick of buying our debt, and as cities, states and businesses coast to coast start going bankrupt. Then comes the gun grab, which has always been in the works anyway, then the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which despite its euphemistic name, will censor our media. Just go back in history and look at what happens to a silenced and disarmed citizenry, and how long it takes once they are silenced and disarmed.

Whether actually stated or not, the disputed quote of Japanese Navy Admiral Yamamoto regarding the bombing of Pearl Harbor is nevertheless sage, "I fear all we have done is awakened a sleeping giant." I once heard a quip that the true definition of a libertarian is someone who was mugged by a Democrat and then assaulted by a Republican. Whatever their ideology and/or affiliation, if any, there is an unquestionable explanation to the rising of the tea party movement. Perhaps it is almost explained by a P.J. O'Rourke quote: "The good news is that according to the Obama administration, the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that according to the Obama administration, you're rich." Some of us only require an alarm clock to wake up. Others require an added gentle nudge. Still others also require a good, swift kick in the rear end (right around the wallet area). Politics is like physics in that every action creates a reaction. If nothing else good comes from the radical power grab of these neo-Marxists now occupying the White House and much of our Congress, at least they have jolted America into a long overdue awakening. How fast and how far we can correct the damage and stop more from coming in the interim is yet another whole and disturbing quandary. Who's ridiculing "Joe the Plumber" now? In our own Declaration of Independence, it states that when our government becomes destructive, it is our right (and, I believe, also our duty) to abolish it. It also tells us that governments are merely institutions run by the consent of the governed. If you believe current polls, only about 30% of the governed are running the show right now, and the only thing being abolished is our freedom.

Twenty years ago I got laid off from a job. I had it coming because I never saw it coming. Like most folks, I had my head in the sand while my backside got kicked. I woke up and have paid attention ever since. I guess that's just human nature for many, if not most of us. Many folks are just too busy, some just have no interest in politics and current events, but as we have not just a right, but also a duty to vote, thus we also have the burden of making an informed vote. Sunlight, after all, is the best disinfectant, which is why Obama, Inc. broke a promise and did not make this healthcare bill readily available on the Internet for all to peruse. Now we see the Tea Party folks, of all races, religions, ideologies, party affiliations, ages, classes and walks of life, continually castigated and erroneously labeled right wing extremists. This is all part of the plan; define your adversary early on, label him a kook and discredit him to elevate yourself. Several previously reported stories about Democrat members of Congress being verbally abused and physically threatened have already been disputed, while in some cases, such attacks against members of both parties have occurred. We need to keep cool heads, yet remain diligent and determined and at the same time, rise above the hype. Hitler's Propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels was dead on when he said that a lie told often enough eventually becomes the truth. I don't blame anybody waking up from their self-imposed hibernation, yesterday, today, or tomorrow, so long as they do wake up and act. I already have one friend who just a year ago said he would welcome socialism. Six months ago he said "Thank God we elected Obama." More recently he shook his head in disgust and exasperation and openly lamented to me to what he, and countless other Americans had done on Election Day. Everybody is entitled to a mistake. We are all human and that's why pencils come with erasers attached. The wisdom however, is recognizing the mistake, and then using the eraser.

Supposedly, at the time of our revolution, the nation was divided into thirds. One third favored independence, while another third remained loyal to England, and the other third didn't know and didn't care. It seems that in that regard, little has changed in 200 + years. As this, for lack of a better term, "revolution" evolves, I still look around me and see similar ratios: 1/3 patriots, 1/3 anarchists, 1/3 hibernators. I would only clarify that among the 1/3 anarchists are those who are naive, biased, ignorant, misled or simply uninformed, but their actions, despite their motivations still endanger us with the same consequences, be they intended or unintended. So it is too, that roughly 30% of our registered voters are either Republican, and roughly 30% are Democrat, which is why both parties seek the votes of those unaffiliated voters in the middle, who can sway the decision either way. Likewise, we must educate and win over to our patriot side the hibernators and the anarchists who are anarchists more so out of ignorance than intention.

It is with just cause that several State Attorneys General are filing lawsuits already against the federal government on 10th amendment grounds. Firstly, Article 1, Section 8 does not list healthcare as a federal government function, thus it is a citizen or state function, as per the 10th Amendment. For those who disagree with the Constitution, that's fine. The document also contains a framework to amend it, but barring any amendments, it is still the (at least theoretically) the law of our land, despite the many abuses foisted upon it in the past century or so. One such abuse has been the bastardization of the interstate commerce clause, but another grievance of the protesting state AG's is that the interstate commerce clause, despite it's notable stretch marks from birthing too many rotten eggs, pertains to ongoing commerce, not upcoming commerce. Those not partaking in Obamacare will be forced to buy health insurance whether they want it or not, and under penalty by the IRS, given jurisdiction of the enforcement of this travesty, which also calls for the hiring of 16,000 more agents to do it. (By the way, who is "in bed" with the insurance companies now?) The federal government is thus mandating that a consumer buy a product or service that he does not wish to purchase. That is simply tyranny. That is also why we need to better edify ourselves. How can we know when our elected officials violate the Constitution if we don't even know what it says?

Reagan also once said that recession is when your neighbor loses his job, and depression is when you lose yours. Like my friend, many in the afore-mentioned "anarchist" group are probably foolish enough to welcome tyranny, but likewise, and as I prophetically said to my friend back then, some people don't mind the loss of liberty until it eventually affects them, and then it's probably too late.

The healthcare debate is a ruse for a mindset of a group of people who couldn't really care less about healthcare, but the next upcoming round in transforming America. These are the true anarchists. Socialism, is merely Communism-light, a failed, carnivorous and destructive, micro-managing governing system that aggressively overtaxes the citizenry, produces nothing, stagnates growth, and rations what little inept service it can manage to render. Along the way, we may still have to deal with the downfall of the dollar and a financial collapse, which will also translate into a major national defense problem, and ultimately, like other free governments, before us, possibly we may even fall into real tyranny via dictatorship. To us now, Hitler was an animal and a madman, but to starving and desperate Germans back then, we was the next best thing to God on earth. Historically, once an electorate discovers it can legislate to fatten itself on the government dime, it does so to its own eventual demise, and we're now pushing the gas pedal to the floor.

Fiscal responsibility is neither a Republican or a Democrat issue. It is a responsibility issue. As Glenn Beck has repeatedly and correctly noted, like we did on September 11th, we need to stop thinking like Democrats and Republicans, and more like Americans. We can have intelligent, legitimate and civil disagreements on how, when and where to spend our money, but not when we have no more to spend. The typical problem with government is not the lack of revenue, but the prudence of the spending. Countries where healthcare is socialized want to opt out, but now can't, and we are now jumping into their mess. As bad as anything is, just try taking it away from somebody once it's free, and as P.J. O'Rourke also said, "If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until it's free." We didn't need this boondoggle. We need health savings accounts. We also need less insurance monopolies, more consumer choice across state lines, more competition in the marketplace, and readily visible prices and costs. Most healthcare providers and consumers don't even know what their various test, procedures and medications cost. The Army had that problem with its supply vendors several years back. The end result was the US taxpayers purchased an awful lot of $600 toilet seats. We are robbing Peter to pay Paul. We are looking at $500 billion in cuts to Medicare (another unconstitutional boondoggle) to add 32 million more people onto the healthcare rolls, plus 30 million more people predictably on top of that if amnesty for illegal immigrants is passed. Meanwhile, projected federal budgets up to 2020 are well into the trillions of dollars, with not enough foreseeable tax revenue from every American citizen to even begin to address it. What exactly are we accomplishing?

We see that Obama has now countless "czars," not so coincidentally named for the former Soviet bureaucrats, who have been appointed by him to serve him and his agenda, and without Congressional review like any other cabinet officer. Now we see this same crew, and their cronies of like mind in the Congress, trying to gradually commandeer as much power as possible from the people, and to then hold and run it within the confines of their own little elitist, tyrannical clique. That is an oligarchy, and that is what Reagan meant when he said, "Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty." Much like the poor clueless frog in the science experiment, placed into a pan of cool water as the heat of the burner is gradually turned up underneath him, we, in our national slumber have not noticed the changes going on around us, after all, an elephant is only eaten one bite at a time. (OK, the same with a really big donkey if that makes you feel any better!) But we have now had our awakening, and more of us are waking up. In another disputed, yet nevertheless sage quote, Thomas Jefferson supposedly admonished, "The price for liberty is eternal vigilance." The anarchists have fired upon us in what may very well be Round 1 in the real battle for our country and our liberty. If we fail here, there is no where else to go. Now, and on Election Day, we need to return their volley, and with superior numbers.

And may we, the patriots, never rest ever again.

"Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them." - (Ronald Reagan)

Doug Wrenn

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Doug Wrenn
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